DLR – Wheel Of Fortune (ft. Script) [Dispatch]

by | Nov 14, 2016 | Tunes

For past few years, DLR has been refining and pushing his sounds like few others. His meticulous attention to detail and seemingly effortless understanding of the art of sound design and what it means to push it has given us some of the best drum and bass in the last 3 years. To play with it. To mold it into his own vision of break beat and sonic language.

His latest offering is in the form of an album sampler for his upcoming, and much anticipated second full length album “Dreamland” coming out on Dispatch. The tune he did with Script “Wheel Of Fortune” is a personal favorite. The synth lead hypnotizes you as the otherworldly distorted squelches dance in and out of the rhythm. Pair that up with some warm bass underneath and this is one that will find its way into sets for a while to come!

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