Documentary – The American Jungle [Produced by Phenetic and Onket]

by | Apr 27, 2020 | News, Tunes

Happy Monday everyone!! Please stay safe, I know many cities are starting to lift the quarantine just remember, wash your hands and keep your area clean! Anyhow…
This past week Part 2 of The American Jungle came out. If you have not heard of this yet, it is a 3 Part Documentary on the American Jungle scene. This documentary series is produced by Phenetic and Onket. It features many old skool players and some newer ones well. We see “local talent” speaking from many different cities like Denver, NYC, LA and some larger names like Dieselboy and Bad Syntax, just to name a couple, dropping some insight on us as well.
The American Jungle Part 1 is about 30ish minutes long and is fast paced and sets a tone, its a good intro. The American Jungle Part 2 is about 45ish minutes long and goes a bit more in-depth. I can’t wait to see what Part 3 brings us!! The tracks used take you on a journey throughout the documentary forward and backwards through time. Lots of different cities shown throughout, you never know, you might see yourself or someone you know in there!!
Over all it’s cool to see Phenetic and Onket make something specific to America. DnB has always been a backroom type of music here in The States. Some people like it that way, some people want to see DnB and Jungle have it’s day in the spot light here in America. Maybe a Series like The American Jungle shows what a tight community we have here in the States, no matter how spread out as a country we are…DnB makes us stronger and makes us all work and party together to bring this sound we all love from city to city.

Here’s to The American Jungle….bring on Part 3!


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