Dominator – History Making VIP / Bomb Squad A.M.C VIP [Low Down Deep]

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Very few individuals in the global Drum And Bass music scene have been oh so impressionable in such a very short period of time. Neil “Dominator” Aldred may he rest in peace is one of them. Dominator has seen handful of releases on the Low Down Deep catalog and even started his own imprint D-Stortion records which ironically enough was one of the first articles I have wrote in my career. He was a very welcoming individual and by his length track list on digital marketplaces you can tell he was definitely one to collaborate on projects with. But just as he was signifying his sound through growth and development, perfecting his design that eventually became these very full and dynamic Jump Up Drum And Bass tunes that everyone around the world play. So if I had to dedicate this tune review to anyone its to you Niel and all the wonderful music you provided for all of us over the years.

Bomb Squad feat. Turno (A.M.C VIP) – Low Down Deep – LDDR097

Well as if this was just a sign of the times. It is really nice to see Titan Records owner A.M.C, coming from the label that predominately pushes the harder styles of Drum And Bass music who as a matter of fact has been seen bridging the sound spectrum gap between Jump Up producers a few times before having his VIP featured on this Low Down release. It truly is VIP at its finest. A very charismatic intro that eventually drops in what is exactly what it should be, variant in production. A proper tribute to Dominator if I do say so myself. Accompanying this fine VIP is yet another fine VIP. This one from the Dominator is the VIP to “History Making” a tune that has never left my rekordbox playlist its original drop date. If you are an avid lover of Jump Up or want to pay homage to the Dominator, rinse these bits that drops on the thirteenth of July!

History Making VIP – Low Down Deep – LDDR097

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