Dominator – Titanium EP [Low Down Deep]

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Tunes

Low Down Deep. Period. The must have label in your active playlist or cd wallet for 2017. I will bring up every time I review a LDD release until, the next Serum and Voltage colab needs to see the light. However, I don’t care how finicky you are with subgenre’s. This sound has an absolutely large cult following whether you’d like to acknowledge it or not. The sound being Drum And Bass of course. Dominator with the 4 track ep of straight heat. Turno with a feature and Logan D with the label. The second installment to the metal series and my number one pick off this release “Bomb Squad”.

Bomb Squad feat. Turno

Horns on the intro lets everyone know this sound means war. This was not a co-lab I was expecting, but I’m really glad it happened. You can literally hear the transitions between the individuals signature sound. It respectively was not my first favourite off the release after my first play. But I had no choice but shine light on this heavy duty piece of weaponry. If you thought the rolling stopped here, you are mistaken. Every single one of these roll from 0:00 to 4:20.

History Making

Rolling from the start this gorilla of a tune is the perfect dance floor switch. If you were going from the gully to the gutter, or try to put some meat on one of those Alix Perez rollers. This will work, I absolutely guaranty it. I wouldn’t normally but if the release calls for it gets five stars. End of discussion. Below you can find the rest of this release as well as the jump to obtain all four of these heaters. But don’t take my word for it, leave your review down below!

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