Dossa & Locuzzed – Shag [Viper Recordings]

by | May 16, 2017 | Tunes

This week I’m choosing to go back. Several months ago Dossa & Locuzzed’s “Shag” dropped on Viper Recordings. Personally being a Neuro head, I completely overlooked the release. For weeks I heard “Shag” around the circuit and every time was impressed with the consistent reaction the tune would get. Eventually I found the details on the track and it quickly made its way into my set lists.

The tracks simple but to the point dance floor feel wrecks crowds of all sizes. From 40 heads in a bar on a weeknight to 1000 person peek weekend raves, the tune seemingly cant fail. Further more, the simplicity in production allows for a wide variety of mixing choices. “Shag” can compliment or be complimented by a dizzying number of tunes.

Tracks so effective and versatile are gold finds for the hard working disc jockey. Dossa & Locuzzed have blessed the dance floor and booth alike with this brilliantly written piece. “Shag” has been a staple in my sets for months, its one I highly recommend you take for a spin yourself.

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