DR & Monolog – Do Not Cover (MethLab Recordings)

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Tunes

Methlab Recordings is back once again with a story in sonic exploration. In the vast ruins where civilization once stood lies ancient secrets of from the masters of sound design, The crew at Methlab have been painstakingly searching for these ruins and have uncovered a piece of the puzzle. The door to the bunker with the only visible clue was engraved ” Epoch “. A leading team of cryptologists have been cracking the code and unleashed an audio codec which will be translated below. Enter Dean Rodell AKA DR and Monolog.

Do Not Cover starts out the record with frigid atmospheric elements, dark and ominous overtones are set into motion as a wave of twisted sample work there way up into a non chalant drop only to display its subtle power throughout the main phrase. Do Not Cover marches the beat into focus as reinforcement snarls of  bass can be heard tearing through the sound like an unearthly being. The tune progresses into a multitude of soundscapes ever evolving from one another. The second drop is followed suit by a new set of organic yet snappy percussive elements whimsically playing with the groove and setting its tone of mysteriousness.

Yet another excellent display of creativity by DR and the Methlab team! This ones going in the ” Deep cuts ” bag for certain!


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