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Turin, Italy based label, The Dreamers Recordings, have been making big waves since their first release in December of 2015. Covering every nook and cranny of the Jungle/Drum & Bass genre with their imprint’s style, it surely has been an amazing year and a half for this group of Italians.
During the second week of August, TDR put out their first original compilation album called “Dream Cycle Vol.1.” With inspiration taken from H.P. Lovecraft and his stories about “The Dreamlands,” “Dream Cycle Vol.1” is loaded with sonic vibrations that covet a deep, warm, and soulful vibe. From start to finish, this 12 track compilation album is a stunning work of art masterfully crafted by 13 different musicians, each providing their unique creative ability to make a soundscape that leads into a place where the thoughts of the subconscious become reality.

Leading us into blissful slumber is SD with his tune, “Modern Times.”

Playful piano chords, soft horns and mellow bass tones set the mood is this opening track.
Following this classy feel is a little bit of “Night Sugar” from Kappasaur.

This track exudes sultry, sexy vibes with rich low end, lingering atmospheric tones, and passionate vocals.
Crimson lights up the party with “Give It All.”

This fiery bass driven tune is backed by lush atmospheric synths and an uplifting vocal hook.
Making an appearance again on TDR is HLZ with “Negative Cities.”

This somber roller is deep and complex right down to its core. Mixed with moody synths, dark basslines, and thoughts about “love.”
“Drawn To It” fills the #6 spot on this fine release.

Sam Young brings us to a spaced out soundscape with voluminous atmospheres, elevating bass, and solid drum work.
Neve & Wild Hits bringing you my favorite tune on the release, “Giving Up.”

This souful spirit lifting masterpiece is a perfect closer or a great way to put the “feels” into the middle of any mix. Well timed breaks of silence, heartfelt rolling subs, and synth leads longing for bliss.
Whychek bringing deep wondrous vibes on “Whispers.”

Longing vocals and lush invigorating mid tones create a great opening track full of emotion and growth.
If you missed TDR’s last release then you might not know about Frame. “You” starts the this compilation’s journey into the harder breaks and bass.

Combining beautiful flighty leads and diving bass makes this a great transition piece from light to dark.
Jazzatron hitting it with his amen beater, “RH.”

Rich low end rollers, snapping snare hits, and a vibe that keeps you wanting for more.
“Contours,” another tune up on top of my list of favorites.

Enjoy keys into that old school vibey jungle sound with chopped and split drum breaks, funky bass rhythms, and sparkling atmospheres.
Last but surely not least is “Stabbing” by Lizard.

Riddled with delightful piano stabs, jazzy bouncing bass, and slowed down breaks to finish off this classy Drum & Bass compilation.

With only eleven tracks listed you may be wondering, “Tribal, where’s the twelfth tune?” Lucky for you I haven’t forgotten. The Dreamers were kind enough to give away this last song, one of my favorites off the compilation, for no charge! The tune is called “Zephyr” by Fractale, and this vocal focused, smooth rolling, synth soaring beauty is free to grab on their bandcamp here!
This compilation has been causing waves across the Drum & Bass with recognition from some of the greats in the forefront of our community. Artists such as DJ Aphrodite and LTJ Bukem, Calyx and DJ Storm, also Friction, who even hosted The Dreamers Recording crew on BBC Radio 1 to showcase the compilation. “Dream Cycle Vol.1” is, without a doubt, not only another great release from The Dreamers but a breath of fresh air for the Drum & Bass dance culture in a whole. With six releases already under their belt this year, The Dreamers Recordings are keeping busy and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the last few months of 2017.
Feel free to check out the BBC Radio 1 show and a special continuous mix by yours truly down below!

Friction BBC Radio 1 Show August 15, 2017
Tribal Mage’s Dream Cycles (TDRVA002 Continuous Mix)

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