Dropset – ‘Imminent Attack/Dark Tower’ [Dirtbox Recordings]


Wrapping up 2022 with a BANG Dropset and Dirtbox Recordings are about to deliver a dangerous dose of the neurofunk you desire with “Imminent Attack” and “Dark Tower”. This two track stomper will steamroll the floor for those prime time NYE sets so you’re not going to want to miss this! Let’s get right into it!


Suspense surges through the build growing into an angry barrage of beats to pulverize the floor immediately. The attack IS imminent as dark melodies carry into the build; an onslaught of neuro is about to be fulfilled. The highs run rapidly pushing the adrenaline to the peak while the beats crunch and snap through the composition boosted by a badass bassline. It’s Dropset – you know it’s going to SLAP! A breather comes in the breakdown but the beating isn’t over yet! Serious business flows through Dropset’s signature second drop cutting through with that half time moodiness to enhance the adventure through the mix. “Imminent Attack” provides a powerful hit that will snap the floor into motion and blast the bins to bits.


A solemn build creeps through “Dark Tower” with deep, devious beats driving in dangerous anticipation for the drop. Your heart rate increases as the energy rises and it’s about to be… darker than black. A quick vocal snaps the track to life, aggressive highs pound as the beats slap volleying to and fro in a war amongst themselves pulling and twisting through the mix. The bassline delivers it’s own devastation pounding along, pulverizing the floor hit by hit as energy and aggression continue to swell, tangled in a nefarious neuro nest. The second drop continues to punch and pop, stabbing mechanically with the furious Dropset sound, some of the most aggressive neurofunk around.

Grab your copy of Dropset’s “Imminent Attack” and “Dark Tower” out this Friday on Dirtbox Recordings.




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