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It’s Monday…again. I know many of you are sitting there thinking over this past weekends events; the raves, the house parties, festivals…whatever! But now it’s Monday! F%*K!! am I right?!?!
Well, I personally don’t mind Mondays ever since I found Drum and Bass Proper [dot]com’s MiniMix Monday series!! So lets talk about these guys and what they are doing.

So I found these guys (Drum and Bass Proper) about a year ago. It is made up of about 5 resident DJ’s (Critical Control Point, DJ GHoST, Domina, Toekr and Semko). They have been doing this MiniMix Monday series for 1 full year now (well in 2 weeks). The cool thing, these guys live in a few different cities; Denver (Bass City), Colorado Springs and Pittsburgh. They each have their own style so it gives variety. They also invite others to the fun, we have seen DJ’s like CB1, Emplate, Evasive, the mighty Ryan Vail and myself El Conquistador doing a MiniMix. Drum and Bass Proper even had Legion from RAM get in on the fun one week!

They call it MiniMix Monday’s for a reason, it’s a weekly and each mix ranges from 20 to 25 minutes long. There have been a few that went the full hour. They did an all vinyl set and an Old School set that all tracks used were pre-2005 (so was the all vinyl set from my understanding). Since all the DJ’s are different you get everything; DnB, Jump up, Neurofunk, liquid and DJ GHoST did a massive jungle set one week.

The SoundCloud track in this post (above) is last week’s mix from Domina, this one is a full hour and is massive! Many of the DJs listed here will be headed to Puerto Rico in July to play the Ed Rush and Optical After Party…SO DON’T MISS THAT!! Don’t forget to check out DNBP SoundCloud (link below) for this weeks MiniMix Monday and all previous and new MiniMix Monday DJ mixes!

I really enjoy these sets, DJ GHoST and Domina always crush their sets, give them a listen! It’s great for the ride home or the cardio part of the workout. If you haven’t found Drum and Bass Proper and their MiniMix Monday series yet…you’re welcome! Give these guys a Listen, Like, Follow and Share!!

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