đRum & Bass Friday’s with @BrandonDNB on @HushFMRadio (1-13-2017)


Come, ride the tidal wave of drum and bass with dEEb. Not so much commentary this afternoon over at Hush.FM just a nice quiet chat full of sound enthusiasts. The best part about internet radio is that you can reach anyone with a particular type of sound. Someone out there will enjoy it. Leaving you the radio host with everything at your fingertips that you could possibly ever want to play. Truly blessed. Here’s this Friday’s recap..

You can catch this program from your mobile device or personal computer on Tune In App and its as simple as logging in with Facebook and listening to an hour of quality drum & bass. Archives can be caught on my Mixcloud profile. My Soundcloud profile as well as DNBSHARE. Just simply search @BrandonDNB in the Download Archive section of DNBSHARE.

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#001.| Faction, Modified Motion – Move On
#002.| Twisted Individual – Donkey Punch (Sub Zero)
#003.| Cabbie – Dropped It In
#004.| Heist – Mattress Back
#005.| Konichi – Together
#006.| Jayline- Tainted
#007.| Original Sin – Return Of The Overfiend
#008.| Tantrum Desire – Higher
#009.| Taxman – Creepshow VIP
#010.| Sub Zero, Jaydan – The Weakness
#011.| Prototypes feat. Mad Hed City – Pop It Off
#012.| Limited – Some Day
#013.| dEEb feat. Kitty – Light House
#014.| Dr. Meaker feat Yolanda – Wanna Feel Love (dEEb)
#015.| Version – No Worries
#016.| P.A – Self Taught
#017.| Dub Motion, Dub zero – Oh Girl
#018.| Decimal Bass, Nu:Elementz – Ticka Tock
#019.| Cabbie – Gargon
#020.| Body, Soul – The Big Rush (Camo, Krooked)
#021.| TC* feat. Jakes – Fuck What You Heard
#022.| Voltage – Thug Nugga
#023.| Serum – Tommy Gun
#024.| Jayline – Peanut Butter On Toast
#025.| Voltage – Naughtylus
#026.| Pleasure – Rolla
#027.| Phantom Warrior – Street Life
#028.| Hoogs – What You Say
#029.| Heist – Big Mouth
#030.| Dialogue – Good To Go (VIP 2)
#031.| Calyx, Teebee – Quest (Break)
#032.| Camo, Krooked – Mindset
#033.| Netsky – Strobot VIP
#034.| T>I, Bass Antics – Selecta (T>I)
#035.| Tommy Boy – The Old Texaco Garage VIP


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