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It’s not every Friday I get the blessings of joining the team for Drum & Bass. Lazyboyswift & Audio Sonic, our boys from the Bass On The Beach charity Drum & Bass event series at Volks Nightclub, Brighton UK are regulars on Friday evenings warming up the Friday spot on Hush.FM. Followed by Dilly a newcomer in UK Drum & Bass and has been slaying the decks mercifully on prestigious stations like Rough Tempo as well as constantly entrying and winning dj comps for some of the biggest nights in the UK. However I will be back with the crew every Friday @ 3PM CST.
Without further a do.
You can catch this program from your mobile device or personal computer on Tune In App and its as simple as logging in with Facebook and listening to an hour of quality drum & bass. Archives can be caught on my Mixcloud profile. My Soundcloud profile as well as DNBSHARE. Just simply search @BrandonDNB in the Download Archive section of DNBSHARE.

01.| 21 Pilots – Ride (Nysor)
02.| Rowney feat. Kat W – Real Love
03.| The Weekend – The Hills (Voltage)
04.| Deadmau5 – Raise Your Weapon (Telomic)
05.| Voltage – Dope Pusher
06.| Dope Ammo – Warning (Serum)
07.| Heist – Mattress back
08.| Steve Angello, Laidback Luke – Show Me Love (High Contrast)
09.| Rowney, Propz – Hold Me (Heist)
10.| Mob Tactics – Rave Weapon
11.| Phantom Warrior – Sky Is The Limit (dEEb)
12.| Voltage – Jungle Animal
13.| Ed Solo, Brokcie – Turntable 1 (T>I)
14.| Tyke feat. Daddy Earl – Big Sound
15.| Shield – Dreams
16.| Tantrum Desire – Pay Your Own Way
17.| Dub Zero – Come With It
18.| Dialogue – Theif In The Night
19.| Jayline – Willow VIP2
20.| Pleasure – Hundred To One
21.| Heist – Moose Knuckle VIP
22.| Hazard – Digital Bumble Bees
23.| Logan D, Dominator – Giant Killer Bees VIP
24.| Heist, Pleasure – Pay Attention
25.| Jayline feat. MC Grima – What’s My Name
26.| Dope Ammo, Tone Def – Rollin’ (Sub Zero)
27.| T>I – Let It Roll
28.| Voltage – Thug Nugga
29.| T>I – Them Bells
30.| Majistrate feat. Jessica Luck – Don’t Let Go (Voltage)

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