Drum & Bass Patreon Deep Dive

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Drum and Bass Patreons Worth the Subscription

Drum and bass has always been a genre full of innovation and energy. If you’re an aspiring producer, joining a Patreon of your favorite DnB artists can be incredibly helpful. From exclusive tracks to production tutorials, these Patreons offer a massive amount of content and a closer connection to the artists you love. For drum and bass fans, joining a Patreon can mean:

  • Exclusive Access: Get unreleased tracks, early access to new music, and special remixes.
  • Tutorials and Tips: Learn from the masters with detailed production tutorials and tips.
  • Community: Be part of a community of like-minded fans and producers.
  • Support Artists: Directly support the artists you love, helping them continue to create amazing music.

Choosing the right Patreon depends on your individual goals and interests. Consider your skill level, the subgenre you prefer, and the type of content. 

Here’s a breakdown of five top tier drum and bass Patreons.

Vision Recordings

Overview: Noisia is a legendary name in the DnB scene, and their Vision Recordings Patreon offers a treasure trove of content for fans and producers alike. What you get depends on the tier of membership you choose. 


  • Radio – $2
  • Recordings – $10
  • Producer – $25

Examples of what you can get:

  • You get early access to select music and videos from the label.
  • Access to their Patreon-exclusive Discord channels
  • In-depth production tutorials
  • A monthly remix stems pack from a track from the VISION catalog
  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Q&A sessions



Overview: With over 15 years of experience, Emperor is dropping knowledge by providing samples, tutorials, ideas, and feedback. There is even an intro pack, so you know exactly what to expect when subscribing. 


  • Listener/Supporter – $5.50
  • Recordings – $12
  • Producer – $16

Examples of what you can get:

  • Free download of all EMPR releases, as well as all forthcoming EMPR releases.
  • 16 Patreon exclusive tracks, never to be released.
  • Access to a private Discord.
  • Exclusive monthly sound pack, containing 25+ samples.
  • Downloads of Serum patches, projects and FX Chains (FL Studio Only)
  • Personal 1 to 1 constructive feedback on 2 x demos a month.
  • BONUS Sound Pack every month! (15+ samples)


DJ Hybrid

Overview: 40+ downloadable exclusive tracks once you’ve signed up and these can’t be downloaded anywhere else. (Previews of each track are on Soundcloud). You get 1 monthly exclusive track and also get to download tracks from his back catalog. Sample Packs, Remix Stems, VIP Promos, 1:1 Production Advice and more are available at higher tiers.


  • Supporter – $1.50
  • Official Patron – $7
  • All Access Patron – $13.50
  • VIP Patron – $26.50

Examples of what you can get:

  • Download limited back catalog tracks.
  • 1x Exclusive Track a month
  • Access to all previous Exclusive Tracks (Over 30+ Dubs)
  • Exclusive Monthly Samples & Presets
  • VIP Mailing List (Get DJ promos before release date)
  • Guestlist to events
  • BONUS VIP Presets and Samples (not available anywhere else)



Overview: Exclusive content, sample packs, patches, production tips, live production videos and 1 on 1 feedback sessions in higher tiers.


  • Bronze – $5
  • Silver – $10
  • Golden – $15
  • Platinum – $20

Examples of what you can get:

  • 2 Exclusive tracks every month
  • Pack of samples (analog & digital) and patches (Serum, Massive, Vital or Current)
  • Production tips videos in FL Studio (based on your questions)
  • Access to monthly live track production “d&b from scratch” videos
  • 1 on 1 feeback (mixdown & arrangement advice)



Overview: Exclusive tracks you can’t download elsewhere, 1x monthly sample pack, 1x monthly stems, 1 on 1 production tips/teaching. 


  • Silver – $6.50
  • Gold – $13.50
  • Platinum- $52.50

Examples of what you can get:

  • 50 exclusive tracks upon signup. Including Originals, VIPs and Remixes.
  • Instantly Download 40+ Tracks from their Pre 2020 back catalog.
  • Exclusive Sample Pack monthly.. 40+ WAV samples.  Packs contain 3 full drum kits every month,, FX, musical bits and bass designed by Phibes in Serum. (These packs are exclusive to patrons only and are only available for download in the month they are released)
  • Instant access to Stems of a release EVERY month.
  • 1.5 Hour Private 1 on 1 Production live video lessons
  • VIP pass to one of our club shows per year



Overview: Samples, Remix Stems/Projects, HQ track downloads, post set brain dumps


  • winsnotes.  – $3
  • The Classroom/BSA – $7
  • One on One Tutoring – 1 Hour – $50 

Examples of what you can get:

  • Gig Journal – post-set brain dumps
  • HQ downloads of mixes
  • Samples
  • Remix stems / Projects
  • One hour a month of tutoring focused on music production/business/etc… Any genre and any skill level.
  • Access to Patron only Discord channel
  • All previous tier exclusives



Overview: An exclusive invite to his discord channel, unreleased music, full access to podcasts with other producers and insiders, secret spotify lists, and at the highest tier, gain access to the exclusive Producers Community in the Discord server, feedback on your tunes, monthly masterclasses.


  • Elemental.  – $3.50
  • Supporter – $7
  • Produver – $23

Examples of what you can get:

  • Patreon Exclusive Discord server
  • Send in questions for answers on the Buunshin Podcast
  • Feedback on your tunes
  • Monthly Masterclasses
  • Download new content packs every month, which include loads of samples, presets, and stems



What is Patreon? Patreon is a platform that allows fans to support their favorite content creators through a subscription based model. These creators can set their own prices for each tier and decide what to offer at what level.

How much does it cost to join a DnB Patreon? Each one varies, but most range from $5-$25

What kind of exclusive content can I expect? Unreleased tracks, back catalog downloads, stems, sample backs, tutorials, production advice, special perks like event entry/VIP, merch, etc.

What Should I Choose?

Choosing the right Patreon depends on your individual goals and interests. Consider your skill level, preferred subgenres, and the type of content you’re seeking. With so many high-quality options available, there’s a dnb Patreon out there to help you elevate your production game and connect with a vibrant community of like-minded artists and enthusiasts.

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