Drumsound and Bassline Smith ‘Nexus/Power of the Future’ [Technique Recordings]


2019 created monumental success for Drumsound and Bassline Smith and Technique Recordings alike as the masterminds behind the label celebrated 20 years of drum and bass in the most epic of ways. Two major LP’s including the 20 Years of Technique Recordings Remix LP (read about it here) and the 2020 Vision LP, countless singles from the heavy hitting artists on the label, major tours across the globe, the inception of Technique International Sound, pushing the future of drum and bass with Technique Academy and so much more they are most certainly one of the biggest forces driving drum and bass today. Riding the momentum from one of their biggest years in the game Technique Recordings is blasting into 2020 furiously with the freshest sounds transforming the future of drum and bass with their latest singles “Nexus” and “Power of the Future” which you can get exclusively now on Beatport.

Drumsound and Bassline Smith deliver yet another brilliantly composed masterpiece with “Nexus” showcasing their years of expertise in the studio met with a forward thinking attitude when it comes to evolving the future of drum and bass music. A delicately playful intro quickly snaps into a heart pounding rhythm as the snares hit hard building the intensity in “Nexus” with every beat. A final breath before the drop as an android vocal bellows ‘bass’ it’s a sure sign of the brutality that’s about to ensue. A clean yet colorful composition the simplicity of the snare carries powerfully while showcasing the evolving techniques in building the bassline as “Nexus” bounces between savage stabs and aptly timed bass drops sure to shatter the dance floor to bits. “Nexus” is polished perfectly with a hint of a vocal sample in just the right places to accentuate a mix as well as some interesting drum breaks that pull the old school jungle influence into this tune as well. Drumsound and Bassline Smith clearly have the process of quality and composition on lock down there is no stopping this vigorous machine.

The title alone sends a clear message and “Power of the Future” from Drumsound and Bassline Smith proves they are some of the most inventive producers around pushing the boundaries on the current trends to next level drum and bass. A long, winding, atmospheric intro is set to engulf the crowd as keys and pads build over a brilliant vocalization until the serenity is shattered with a sound not of this dimension foreshadowing the filth that’s to come with the monster drop. Amplifying the foghorn trend “Power of the Future” pummels with short bursts of beastly bass amidst big broken beats with a great contrast interwoven into the composition to manifest an ironically euphoric vibe. “Power of the Future” is sure to turn heads and pull all kinds of faces from the floor with the intense creativity flowing through the thickness of this track. No doubt about it Drumsound and Bassline Smith are pushing the boundaries in every way possible and we’re excited to see what the rest of the year brings!

General release 28 February 2020 “Nexus” and “Power of the Future” are available now exclusively on Beatport.

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