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Since 2009 Dub Elements have been bringing us incredible bass lines and addictive beats. They have shined across multiple genres, winning international breaks awards and best bass music producer in 2014 and best Electro-dubstep producer in 2013, for the Vicious Music Awards. They have produced tracks on Excisions Ruttun Recordings and have soared in the drum and bass arena by being both a Viper and Eat Brain producer. Now they have a new EP called 360°, it will be released on Beatport Monday June 18th and then worldwide July 2nd. You can get a glipse of the teaser on Sound Cloud.

We caught up with them to have a chat and find out a little bit more about what is going on with them.

Chelsea: Introduce yourself and tell us about the name behind your moniker, Dub-Elements.
Dub Elements: We met about 10 years ago when we used to play in free parties and raves, when we fell in love with Drum and Bass so we just tried to bring the scene to our city, and show people from the rest of the world about the Drum and Bass scene in Seville. After some nights hanging out and talking about our same interests in Drum and Bass, and playing back to back in some events, we decided to create Dub Elements. The moniker comes because during that time we were obsessed in getting as many dubs (dubplates) as possible, then we thought it was a fun puns.

Chelsea: Give us the low down on the 360° E.P., what was your inspiration and how does it differ from other EPs that you have released?
Dub Elements: We can define this E.P. with a word … freedom! I think every single producer should just write the music they feel. I can not imagine sitting down in the studio and making music you don’t feel. Our music just reflects our changing mood, that’s why you can find so many different vibes in our tracks, it just depends of how we feel when we start the song.  I have concluded that I prefer to let the music flow, some people could think its better that listeners recognize your sound easily, that can be dangerous in my opinion, because you can fall in something repetitive, and we absolutely don’t want that.
Chelsea: Whats in store for you guys in the upcoming year?
Dub Elements: You can expect a lot of music by us in with different vibes for sure. More videos, merchandising & Dub Elements & Friends events, we’re organizing the next one in September … Link to Event . We are working on a Dub Elements & Friends album from DEM (our new brand imprint), with music by the artists who join the festival and some big names already confirmed.

Chelsea: You produce a wide variety of genres, can you discuss with us how you see the Drum and Bass scene evolving in the next few years and will cross genre collaborations be a key factor?
Dub Elements: Personally I see the Drum and Bass scene really strong! Different sub-genres going up & down but everything helps to make Drum and Bass stronger. That being said, I think maybe Neurofunk had its time and now we can see as two styles so different as the ‘Deep’ or the ‘Jump Up’ that are growing a lot and getting a big impact everyday, I wouldn’t know to say what will be the next but can be but we would like to come back to the origins and listen tracks with sounds from old skool but sounding like it should be from 2018 and 2019.

But…..I’ve never been that good with predictions hehehe…

Chelsea:  Can you share some hobbies outside of music so we can get to know you a little bit better?
Dub Elements: Our hobbies are the football, MMA, play Poker but basically when we aren’t thinking or working in music, we like to spend time with our families and friends. Travelling, the beach, movies with the kids, wasting time with them… And BBQ, Selu is a master in the matter!

Thanks for chatting with us guys!

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