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Dub Elements have been cranking out release after release this year from dirty neurofunk bangers to the sickest remixes, dubby rollers and everything in between. The next installment, ‘Better World Part 1 EP’ is an exquisite collection of three tantalizing tracks focused more heavily on vocalizations and deep, rolling basslines. Let’s take a look at what’s to come from Dub Elements on this EP hitting Beatport exclusively September 25 and released across all platforms early October.

Title track “Better World” is an unforgettable and emotive composition set to entice the listener with its gentle approach to the softer side of drum and bass ultimately creating one of the hottest ballads for 2020. An enchanting piano ensemble eases into “Better World” alluring the audience as the keys climb and fall in harmony with a repetitive yet enchanting female vocal that powerfully stirs the soul. A more masculine ‘rude boy’ vocal snippet snaps in creating variance in conjunction with the female vocal as synthisized sounds build creating a harmonic orchestra in the background. Low rolling basslines engulf at the drop as the keys continue to carry the melody between the volleying vocals carrying through the duration of the track. Robust yet smooth as silk the bass bellows as jazzy horns pop in for a few quick beats placed with pure artistry as jungle influenced drum lines tie it all together with pizzazz. “Better World” will no doubt shoot straight to the top of many DJ playlists pleasantly tempting the crowd to fill the floor and amping up the emotion in the mix.

“Someone Else” generates an agonizing saga of heartache and angst that pours through the surges through the vocal so much you can almost physically feel the pain. A bubbly burst in the beginning leaves little warning to the distress about to ensue as an unnamed female vocalist supplies an intoxicating and sorrowful verse full of agony and betrayal. Forceful and direct, accusations of lies and deceit churn from deep within leading up to the haunting ultimatum ‘If you ain’t happy by my side you should go and find someone else’. Dirty winding basslines swirl to attention seething from every orpheus at the drop as we recognize more of that jungle influence carrying over to the beats. The vocals are chopped and manipulated manically as a male accompaniment creates variance in the tones. A moving rhythm flows and harmonizes between solid breaks riddled with epic bass drops. Dub Elements have designed a daring and devious track in “Someone Else” sure to hit home with many carrying its direct message of dishonesty resulting in the ultimate heartbreak.

The first clip to surface from Dub Elements’ ‘Better World Part 1 EP’ comes from “That Lovin”. Opening effortlessly a steady beat kicks in beneath a sultry swoon humming in over cosmic effects as the percussive elements build. Tempting basslines, dark and dirty, entices polarity, breaking and bending, as keys enhance the build beneath. Exploding into groaning basslines under a pristine, clean beat the atmospheric vocalizations are a pleasant reinforcement to the darkness that drives “That Lovin”. The distinct elements in this track carry through providing enough finesse to blend between various sub genres of drum and bass showcasing Dub Elements sophisticated style and desire to push the boundaries of this music farther than ever before.

Surging with spectacular skill Dub Elements ‘Better World Part 1 EP’ dangerously leaves us yearning for more. Keep your eyes peeled for additional previews of this euphonious release as well as the latest from Dub Elements and DEM Recordings. Pre-order link coming soon to Beatport. The exclusive drops September 25.

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