Dub Elements – ‘Dub Elements & Friends Pt.2’ [DEM Recordings]


Dub Elements are stirring up some serious noise with a little help from their friends on the second part of the series ‘Dub Elements & Friends’ loaded with five tracks from a wide array of collaborators in the drum and bass scene. This release is overflowing with dangerous, dubby basslines and devious drum beats to set the dance floor on fire!

Dub Elements & Coppa –“Maasai”

“Maasai” enters with a vivid harmonic melody as Coppa breaks through with his smooth yet sinister ‘in your face’ flow entertaining the intro with a masterful verse. An evil laugh beckons below as the drums roll on. Coppa commands ‘stand tall like a “Maasai”’ as we are engaged into dark world of futuristic, dubby basslines native to another dimension. Long, grungy bass travels beneath wobbly twists and bends through the lowest octaves. The basslines hold the spotlight accompanied by a clean snare with solid artistic flares and quick vocal snippets from Coppa to carry the vibe. “Maasai” pounds unrelenting straight through to the finish, this tune is fresh and furious kicking things off in a fierce fashion.

Dub Elements & Gydra –“Firing Pin”

A peculiar intro with intriguing percussive builds and curious oddities as broken, manic robotic vocal fx spiral out of control initiates “Firing Pin” in complete savagery. The snares kick harder as the automation elevates; accompanied by heavier drum rolls building ferociously until insanity ensues at the drop. The bass stabs with force and Gydra’s influence is evident among the heaviest drums firing through crazy breaks. The menacing robot frequents the mix maintaining mind control to keep the crowd in motion. Be sure to stick around for the second half it’s even punchier with and extra surge of energy to attack. “Firing Pin” is the ultimate boost of intensity to compliment the heaviest mix.

Dub Elements & Flite –“Abandoned”

“Abandoned” is complete euphoria; a moody vocal track with a soft build that will deceitfully plunge deep into the darkness. The rhythm kicks in under a melancholy vocal building to the drop that smashes intently with deep rolling subs and rapid, rhythmic kicks. The vocal carries along as the dark bass rolls on. Dub Elements and Flite have hit the mark on this one; “Abandoned” is an intense blend of contrast between the low end darkness and harmonious vocal creating a very symbiotic experience to mesmerize the dance floor.

Dub Elements & IHR (Inward, Hanzo & Randie) -“Phosphoresence”

What kind of drum and bass sorcery is this?! Intriguing our ears with an anomalous intro “Phosphoresence” wobbles in eccentric and alluring with perplexing synths over a strong metronome beat. A minimal vocalization entices alternative interest and you can definitely feel IHR’s mojo sprinkled throughout this composition. BIG, beastly bass roars at the drop stretching under a colorful melody. Capitalized by a severely broken beat that is further enhanced with snazzy rolls and effects “Phosphoresence” is as complex and zealous as the title suggests. Dub Elements and IHR are tempting the boundaries of bass music plummeting the low ends enchantingly under those wicked, groovy drums “Phosphoresence” is destined to captivate the crowd and engage the floor into fluent mechanical motion.

Dub Elements & Optiv & CZA “Switchback”

Three names distinctive in drum and bass add up to a killer combination which results in one rockin tune! Violently spirited and riding heavy on the darkside “Switchback” is enhanced by inventive technical aesthetics that make this a must have for your library. The intro is packed with the most infectious drumlines and Optiv’s influence is apparent from the get-go. The drop attacks with powerful savagery; swift technical beats ride over dark, bouncy basslines and when the high end effects kick in WOWZA the energy jumps through the roof. This one will get the floor moving and shaking in a frenzy.


‘Dub Elements & Friends Pt.2’ is a one stop shop for a heavy artillery of drum and bass that harbors intelligent artistry and unique elements to showcase a variety of style while still holding true to the distinct Dub Elements sound. The massive talent and capabilities of the individual guest artists are evident in each track on this album. ‘Dub Elements & Friends Pt.2’ is a must have, every track is fully stacked to enhance the dark, dubby, bass driven vibe.

‘Dub Elements & Friends Pt. 2’ is out now get your copy HERE

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