Dub Frequency – The Connection EP [Spectre Audio]

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Dub Frequency, the name does justice. Hitting frequency’s so low with his latest on Spectre Audio, the entirety of the compilation is sure to rattle some organs. I really.. really enjoy when producers begin that next step, the one that sets a stake in the idea of pushing the boundaries that is sound. That alone is a very big deal especially in Drum And Bass, I promise you just like technology ten years ago nobody would of expected Drum And Bass to sound like it does. Sub-genres included. Make no mistake as we cover every inch of this release. Newly added to my watch list, Dub Frequency’s rolling half-time drum and bass sounds have surfaced and found there way into my wallet. You the consumer should do the same as we hop into the first tune titled ‘Pull Em Out’.

Pull Em Out

“Feel the wraith” of the biggest tune on this entire release. So overwhelming, it is certain the dance floor crew will be searching searching for this as it growls through nightclub systems on a global scale. Simply because it rolls has me hooked. This is one of those elbows out tunes, the collective group mob if you will.

Street Roll

Complimenting this EP is “Street Roll”. As the bits begun to crush on the intro, the man some how finds to maintain momentum in his tunes using barely any percussion. Boom clap with a mild shaker this tune is all bass line. Keeping things light rolling into a 2016 version of a cowbell which ultimately makes this tune complete. That’s what tunes these days lack, not enough cowbell. Is it half-time? Is it Drum And Bass? I don’t care it’s a god damned tune. Securing the sound on it’s own merits it was a tough pick between this and ‘Pull Em Out’ as my number one draft pick of the “The Connection EP”.


If this was a two track release I’d say ‘Conditions’ would be track one, and the flip would be ‘Tundra’. Make no mistake this tune is pure gorilla. Drums so large it coincides firm upon the bass line. Staying true to the Dub Frequency name, this Drum And Bass tune is pure vibes. Following up with that is ‘Tundra’.


100% Quality closing out this release, ‘Tundra’ and ‘Conditions’ both compliment ‘The Connections EP’ extravagantly. This, those and the rest of this release can be found below! Big respect to Danny ‘Dubplate’ Cootes for handling this release and keeping in touch with me.

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