Dub Stomp 2 Bass & Audio Overload December Exclusive Mix By dEEb

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Mixes

Using December to reflect back on the year of releases from both Audio Overload and Dub Stomp 2 Bass. What originally started off as a list of 100 or more tunes eventually got shortened… an shortened again.. until I was absolutely satisfied with what I remember the year being. Performing under these two labels all summer I got to play a lot and I mean a whole lot of music from artist that still may very well be off your radar. Check below and you can listen to bangers that shook ass all summer long

║#001.| [DS2B100] Jedi – Watchin You
║#002.| [DS2B107] Hi Hatz – Contrast
║#003.| [DS2B107] Subside – I Ain’t Playin
║#004.| [DS2B091] Vital – 6 Million Ways
║#005.| [DS2B107] Tomoyoshi – 6 Million Ways
║#006.| [DS2B107] Subside – Blast Em
║#007.| [DS2B105] Jedi – Darkside
║#008.| [DS2B103] Jedi – Good To Me
║#009.| [DS2B100] Jedi – Leave Ya Busted
║#010.| [AOR078] Aliman – Game
║#011.| [AOR092] Aliman – Game VIP
║#012.| [AOR079] Jedi – Hideous Foot (Tomoyoshi)
║#013.| [DS2B100] Jedi – The Wrong Words VIP
║#014.| [DS2B105] Jedi – Boogie
║#015.| [DS2B107] Mackz – No Business
║#016.| [AOR091] Evil Intention – Nothing
║#017.| [AOR076] Jedi – Dip It Low
║#018.| [DS2B092] Jedi – All I Wanna Do
║#019.| [AOR078] Aliman – Japan
║#020.| [AOR092] Aliman – Japan VIP
║#021.| [DS2B100] Jedi – Skeet Skeet VIP
║#022.| [DS2B107] Tomoyoshi – Monochrome
║#023.| [DS2B094] Tomoyoshi – Rock Your Body
║#024.| [DS2B100] Jedi – Nuttin A Go So
║#025.| [DS2B100] Jedi – Special Request
║#026.| [DS2B107] Lymitless – Silence of Sound
║#027.| [DS2B109] Evil Intention – Be Prepared
║#028.| [DS2B107] Mackz – Raging Bull

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