Dub Stomp 2 Bass & Audio Overload July Exclusive Mix By dEEb

by | Jul 15, 2017 | Mixes

Not that long ago we sat down with DJ Bomber and talked about the 100th release on Dub Stomp 2 Bass. Well the music doesn’t stop at 100. Fresh from the Audio Overload campsite you can find this twenty minute mix of forth coming material on AOR as well as DS2B. Covering releases from the tune pumping machines Jedi and Evil Intention. Tracklist and mix down below, be sure to favourite the AOR, DS2B playlist on Soundcloud to be the first to hear these mixes or even replay something you might of missed.

║#001.| Jedi – Majijuanas Not A Drug [DS2B103]
║#002.| Evil Intention – Use The Force [DS2B104]
║#003.| Jedi – Bash Your Brains [DS2B103]
║#004.| Evil Intention – Musical Experience [AOR089]
║#005.| Jedi – Good To Me [DS2B103]
║#006.| Jedi – Funk Phenomenon [AOR090]
║#007.| Evil Intention – Check This Out [DS2B104]
║#008.| Jedi – The Drums Go Bump [DS2B103]
║#009.| Jedi – 1 Penny Pum Pum [AOR090]
║#010.| Evil Intention – Misery & Suffering [AOR089]
║#011.| Jedi – Free Your Mind [AOR090]
║#012.| Jedi – WTF [AOR090]

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