Dub Stomp 2 Bass & Audio Overload October Exclusive Mix By dEEb

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Mixes

Halloween is over and dropping candy in bags is overrated, the kids want Drum And Bass ladies and gentlemen. Every month Dub Stomp 2 Bass and Audio Overload along with a heavyweight line-up of serious Jump Up Drum And Bass pumping machines. Premiering the best in Jump Up every single month with an exclusive mix of free, forthcoming or otherwise unreleased materials from some of the best in the game right now has landed and you can listen after the jump!

║#001.| [DS2B108] Jedi feat. Joe Blow – Raw
║#002.| [DS2B107] Lymitless – Silence of Sound
║#003.| [DUBPLATE] Prospex – In Your Head VIP
║#004.| [DS2B107] Arjun – Incognito
║#005.| [BOOTLEG] Alpines – Motionless (Prospex)
║#006.| [DS2B107] Subside – I Ain’t Playin
║#007.| [DS2B107] Rodeo – Bugaloo
║#008.| [DS2B107] Frenzee feat. Traumatik – Slug (Jedi Remix)
║#009.| [DS2B107] Tomoyoshi – 6 Million Ways
║#010.| [DS2B108] Jedi feat. Joe Blow – Hit The Deck
║#011.| [DS2B107] Lymitless – Redemption
║#012.| [DUBPLATE] Prospex – Outut
║#013.| [FREE] Subside – Midden
║#014.| [FREE] Aliman – Nowa
║#015.| [DS2B107] Hi Hatz – Contrast
║#016.| [DS2B107] Subside – Blast Em
║#017.| [DS2BFREE] Vital – Takedown
║#018.| [AORFREE] Jedi – Suck Ma Dick
║#019.| [DS2B107] Evil Intention – Instent Reaction
║#020.| [DS2BFREE] Vital – Animals
║#021.| [DS2B107] Hit Hatz, Hydrolikz – The Drums

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