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There’s something clear right from the start of this EP.

Dungeon Kru have really made an impression with their debut release, “Genesis” on Liondub International. It shot to the top of the Juno Download charts immediately and for good reason, Toronto-based audio collective Dungeon Kru are no strangers to moving a room. Dungeon Kru is made up of founding members DJ Slick & Willy Gyalis along with Manchester’s own, Visuals. No doubt, there are some dance floor weapons and face melters on this EP that are sure to bang.

Let’s talk about the music.

Pushing” establishes their sound well and sets everything off at a nice pace. You get a taste of the clean, natural, and organic production style with a foreboding bassline throughout. This transparent and clean style really allows emphasis on the break and groove. As mentioned before, there’s something clear right from the start of this EP.

Dead Tonight” is without a doubt my favorite track on the EP. WARNING: THIS IS A NAN-SLAPPER. Naturally, it comes in with a pretty, stringed melody and sweet vocals, but it’s still just oozing with that badmon ragga sound. The intro tries to prepare you, but trust, you’re not ready. The drop is absolutely savage and the best part is, it really progresses. You think it’s hard initially, but it gets more disgusting with each phrase. The crunchy lead is just enough until a foghorn from hell comes in and they just play amongst eachother so well. It is such an absolute blast and I honestly cannot wait to see what it will do to a dancefloor.

The next three songs are an exhilarating ride through dark, yet ethereal soundscapes. “Shake Ya Bumpa” is a standout hit that’s already getting play on Noisia Radio and is guaranteed to garner support worldwide. “Impossible” is a real gem that feels like a field trip to a sewer. The intro feels like you’re in an industrial warehouse and then allows you to explore a dissonant wobble and the way it reflects off of this soundscape. “Do It Again” is a steppers’ delight with a straightforward break and wide bass wobbles to complement. Dungeon Kru knows how to tastefully break these beats down for the dancefloor. The progressions are absolute fire and the wobble just shakes your skull.

I Love You” wraps things up real nice and sweet-like. It’s like the slow dance at the end of the night. Dungeon Kru pulls no punches though. While the vintage vocal sample is a lovely addition, the bassline comes in to smash it up just right. What really stands out is the swinging drum beat used which is really going to make bodies move in the dance.

Dungeon Kru are holding up the Liondub International standard and they’re doing it in style.

I have no hesitation in saying that I respect and admire this release. I am already getting excited thinking about playing it out and coming back to it for my own listening pleasure. Upon listening to this EP, I went from getting goosebumps to screaming at my speakers, then I just had to get out of my chair and skank out myself. It is really exciting to think that this is just the first of what’s to come from Dungeon Kru on Liondub International.

“Genesis” EP by Dungeon Kru on Liondub International is available now on all major music outlets. You can purchase it now HERE.

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