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Back again with another review for D-LiQ Records – it’s an honour to receive these releases as they’re always something to behold.

A new artist to me, Easty (UK). If he’s been picked for D-LiQ then you know he’s going to be good. Born in Norwich, Easty bought his first pair of turntables at 17 and was brought on to the scene a few years later whilst studying in Leeds. After joining the NR1 crew as a DJ, the late J2B took Easty under his wing to show him the ropes of production. Currently in Sheffield, Easty has a range of flavours on the way and we’re excited to hear more.  He’s had releases on Amphibious Audio Recordings, Deep Pan and Sheer Velocity Recordings. You should check those out because they’re as good a quality as the release we are about to talk about.

First up is the title track ‘Traveller’ which starts out with a real atmospheric intro that is serene and almost like the intro to Breaking Bad which gauges your interest straight away. The little hi-hats start you off tapping your feet to what sounds like it’s going to be a decent track. The drop comes out of the blue with the clean drums and slightly distorted kick and smooth pulsing bassline. It really takes you on an adventure which is perfect to link to the name of the track. The breakdown is just as sudden which gives you a quick release of peace again before dropping back into that awesome tune we’d just started getting into. The bassline switches slightly on the second drop to a more deep rolling vibe which really gets you moving your feet.

The flip is a tune called ‘Taken’ which brings that distorted sound back from the outset in the slightly crunchy sampling then a clean drum beat launches you through the intro with some majestic quality in the synths which build and build until the drop which has a jungle style bassline which just sounds quality and brings an old skool vibe to a nu skool sound. The percussion on this track is wicked and really drives you through the melody which has been perfectly executed by Easty (UK). The second drop feels even more melodic but with that same harmonious beat and bassline working perfectly with one another.

Cracking release from Easty (UK) here. Definitely an artist we should all be including on our USB sticks to bring a mellow but gritty vibe to the dancefloor.

You can grab your copy on 25th November 2021. Catch it on D-LiQ’s Beatport page:  https://www.beatport.com/label/d-liq-records/90717

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