Eatbrain Remix Challenge 2019 – Jade’s Man Eating Lizard Dragon [Eatbrain]


Ooiiii!!!! It’s Monday and today is special as it is Labor Day in the US…so we are on holiday! Since today is special we are gonna talk about something special that happened recently in DnB, The Eatbrain Remix Challenge 2019 of Jade’s Man Eating Lizard Dragon. Now if you never heard the original, here is the SoundCloud. It’s a pretty dope track. Dark, deep numbing bass lines make this a slamming Neurofunk track that was released on Eatbrain about a year ago.

I’ve heard many people talk about remix competitions over the years, saying things like; oh its just a marketing scheme, the label is dying and they are trying to save it, it’s a way labels steal work and/or credit, etc.
I personally enjoy them and look forward to competitions like these. I feel it is a way for people to get their name, music, and skills as a producer showcased. I also find it really fun to hear them all! Everyone has a different style and take on the remix. This Jade MELD Remix Challenge brought in 80 different remixes from both a few well known producers and many that I’ve never heard of.
Most of these remixes I thought were good, a few I wish I could download right now, and there were a few that turned me off but that’s part of it!
I wish I could download and use some of these! Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order…

E-Sassin (damn…I love how he took that sample and tweaked it the way he did)
Sophistakid (wow! just wow! hard and heavy!)
Bad Syntax (he came correct!)
Dr. Woe (turned it into a sweet roller)
Ancient Alien Music (this was a cool take on it, love the bassline on the drop used)

Over all I enjoyed listening to many of these remixes, I even had my 11 year old kiddo get in on the listening party!! I hope to see some of these producers come up and out on Eatbrain or other NueroFunk labels. I wonder who the Eatbrain crew will pick as a winner. I do not envy the person(s) that needs to make this choice. It would be impossible for me cause there were SSOOOOO many great remixes among the 80 they have up on the SoundCloud. Go check these out, I promise you will be impressed and wish you could just download the ones that really make your top 5 list.

SoundCloud – Jade’s Man Eating Lizard Dragon Remix Competition

SoundCloud – Jade – Man Eating Lizard Dragon (Original)

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