Ed Solo, Deekline and Friends – Welcome To The Jungle Vol. 5 [Jungle Cakes]

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Now when I say ‘and friends‘ I literally mean an entire jungle battalion of certified audio engineers. The likes of Voltage, Bladerunner, FireFox, Benny Page, Serum to name a few. If you are looking for a summer jungle riddim compilation this here is the starter kit. Rollers to clash this massive release is packing. I’m not kidding.. sitting at a whopping 38 tunes, sound effects and mixes by Ed Solo and Deekline themselves on their very own Jungle Cakes imprint.

OMG By, Freestylers and Deekline – Welcome To The Jungle Vol. 5 – Jungle Cakes

Roll Back By, Voltage – Welcome To The Jungle Vol. 5 – Jungle Cakes

So Solid By, FireFox – Welcome To The Jungle Vol. 5 – Jungle Cakes

Now to completely cover a digital this gigantic I cannot traditionally review each tune that I like the most but instead, I can high-light what I enjoyed the most from the entirety of this compilation. The original mix to Voltage‘s “Roll Back” is a new one to me. I follow people like him quite closely as I really enjoy his productions. Has this been out before? Maybe. Is it out now? Yes. It’s a nice switch to the VIP but I actually prefer the VIP to the original this time around. Freestylers and Deekline‘s bit “OMG” spite its homage to old jungle drum and bass with super long intros that drop is the meanest thing that bounces into the healthiest roller I ever did play. All sorts of vibes in that one. Air raid on “So Solid“, FireFox tunes with me are extremely one sided. But this one is so good I had to put it in the bin, easily mistaken as a filler. “So Solid” is all killer.

Funky Child By, Deekline – Welcome To The Jungle Vol. 5 – Jungle Cakes

Walk N Skank VIP By, Serial Killaz – Welcome To The Jungle Vol. 5 – Jungle Cakes

The Hitman VIP By, Bladerunner, Marvellous Cain, Cutty Ranks – Welcome To The Jungle Vol. 5

That Serial Killaz‘s revisit to an old classic is just what we needed to top this whole thing off. Pure summer time vibes. I would have to say, I think Funky Child is funky. Soundtrack to a high speed getaway, Deekline absolutely crushed this tune in the most positive way possible. There is no way I’m going to be able to share every single track on this entire release because there is just so much great talent to be heard on this compilation. So I’m going to leave Ed Solo‘s face at the bottom of this article for you to click on to get these amazing contributions to jungle drum and bass.

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