ED:IT – If And Only If

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Tunes


There is a thin line between sub genres in Drum n’ Bass and ED:IT’s latest release effortlessly blurs that line. Starting spring off with the high caliber production ” If And Only If” combines elements of darker yet still whimsical synths but shortly leads into a realm of chanting vocals and large growls that really play along nicely with a rumbly yet not to aggressive bass line. In the past 5 years ED:IT has earned a reputation of making tunes that are in that realm of Intelligent yet still rowdy enough to play in even the hardest of sets. I can usually put some type of scene in my head to most tracks that i listen to but ED:IT’s tunes as of recently have always kept me puzzled and intrigued of what exactly is going on in his head. This tune goes in to the ” mysterious ” folder in my crate… In the past year having releases on Shogun Audio and many others this release on CIA Deep Kuts is not to be missed.

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