Ego Trippin – Barely Breathing [Subway Soundz]

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Logan D, Low Down Deep digital and sister label Subway Soundz together. The trifecta of what is current in Drum And Bass. With over 15 releases under the imprint, this extraordinary label aims on delivering a different sound. Some of the largest timeless weaponry I’ve attained has come from this catalog. Featuring music from the don himself Logan D accompanied by Heist. American Drum And Bass native Hoogs. Cabin Fever and Info, and lastly my personal favorite with such an incredible tune which will be highlighting in this article review Ego Trippin! It is always a pleasure to talk about the works Logan D is involved with, a humble individual and very inspirational to anyone that is for current whats current in jungle drum and bass music. Buyer beware, this is one of those tunes that requires the extra large music player.

Ego Trippin – Barely Breathing

Now personally I haven’t had a Ego Trippin tune since the remix of warning by Silver fox. My fault guys, I had no idea the extra terrestrial was producing the likes of this. That authentic drum kit, method man samples. Hearty bass line. This tune screams attention and it can have it. All of my attention as it has been on repeat the entire time I write this review up. Now I’m not one for tossing things into judgmental categories further separating the idea that is Drum And Bass in smaller cliques. But if i must, if the grand jury must require a label. I hate to break it to the people that hate jump up because this is it. I leave you with a wonderful exterpt from the one like Ian Majisrate on the matter of sound. Below that will be the remainder of this release which is out today on Low Down Deep.


Taken from Ian Majisrtrate’s Facebook Fan Page.

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