Ego Trippin – All City LP [Low Down Deep]

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One of the things we pride most here at Best Drum And Bass is our ability to highlight the best in current Drum And Bass Jungle music. After releasing a grip of filthy VIPs around this time last year on Hi-Def. We had no choice but to cover this absolutely astonishing album released by none other than Low Down Deep. We already praised the quality control of content from this digital campground with the Bassface Sascha extended play so lets see what we have in store currently from the duo that is Ego Trippin.

All City – LDDR094 – Low Down Deep

Bite It – LDDR094 – Low Down Deep

I can personally attest this album is the business. Fresh take on signature sounds from the Ego Clan and the power house that is mastering these bad boys. Title tune “All City” is a belter honing that raw drum kit soundscape, if minimal jump up was a thing these guys would be the pioneers. Nice full round baselines that cut, layered with one of the least complex rifts I’ve ever heard in my life. One of the highlights of production especially in the current year is that a basic understanding that tunes do not have to be complex in order to be good. “Vicious Style” is just one of those rolling pieces of tuna with a sample that packs a punch. The darkest bassline in Ego Trippin history.. okay well not their entire time as a duo because if you have not heard the 7 year some old piece of Jump Up called “Control” takes the cake on how dark, dark can get when it comes to the two. But, alas it is not all about the dark and with this tune “Moving On” with the wonderful vocals supplied by Alicia King one of my favourite female vocalists in Drum And Bass Jungle music on the number, crisp and clear keys with a full bassline lift her vocals right off the track.

Moving On feat. Alicia King – LDDR094 – Low Down Deep

Ghetto Code – LDDR094 – Low Down Deep

“Ghetto Code” clip on the Low Down Deep Soundcloud profile does not do this tune justice. The thing about Ego Trippin tunes is that they bring forth everything real nice and tight, sometimes even spacious and full. The “Ghetto Code” is the perfect instance of spacious and full. 64 Bars in this riddim something incredible hits the ear drum, this sort of bit crushed torn out piece of gameboy processed synth that you almost can not hear but rather feel. While we are still on the topic of feels, “Don’t Believe The Lies” with Jim Crow is surprisingly really good. Male vocals and Drum And Bass, while most have some not all are very good and it is always when its a smooth and lush liquid vibe that showcases it the best. If you have been following along this far you might as well take my word when I say cop this album because it has everything you want and more.

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