Ego Trippin – Drum Beatz EP [Low Down Deep]

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Fresh bits out on Low Down Camp from the duo known as Ego Trippin. A new take on a familiar sound. The dons of percussion present a 4 track EP that deserves to be in your wallet. I’ve been on their case since Two Types and Filthy Criminals so you better believe will be talking about Lost Your Mind.

Drum Beatz By, Ego Trippin – Drum Beatz EP – Low Down Deep

Lost Your Mind By, Ego Trippin – Drum Beatz EP – Low Down Deep

Now, “Drum Beatz” is a large tune I will give it that. Enough credit to mention to say the least. But, for me it is in a totally different spectrum of sound. One I very rarely dabble in. Time and time again I will hear about the tall tale that is “it needs to be heard on a large system“. I can’t speak for everyone when it comes to when and how you should listen to your drum and bass, but I assure you a big system is not available most cases. A roller none the less, I wish it packed the punch that “Lost Your Mind” did. I mean this tune just rooooooooolls something fierce. Big drum from the start with a heady bassline on the drop that is in a very similar production fashion as Barely Breathing. It even has horns, with a vocal sample on the drop to make any mans chest flex. The VIP to Tracker previously released on the EP titled Train Wreck on Low Down Deep was to be expected. One of those instances of a very identical production. If bits are your thing, “Change The Beat” is the crushing sound you are looking for. I always dig anything that comes to close to anything video game related, its the video game nerd in me knowing I can take that sound to the dance floor. Take my word for it, cop this release straight from Low Down Deep.

Tracker VIP By, Ego Trippin – Drum Beatz EP – Low Down Deep

Change The Beat By, Ego Trippin – Drum Beatz EP – Low Down Deep

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