Ego Trippin’ – Filthy VIPs Part One [HI-DEF]

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Tunes

Ego Trippin’ revisiting some tasty licks with some variants in production.. Or is it a very identical production? We talking VIPs out here. Not same artist remixes, not bootlegs. The boys from Ego Trippin’ have them fire bits coming out left and right. Ever since the Trainwreck release on Low Down Deep I can’t get enough of these two. Even “Tracker” and “Barely Breathing” VIPs are seeing the light of day by the end of this month. Talk about special delivery. One half of Ego Trippin, Matt has this release coming out on his respective digital “Hi-Def”. Let’s take a listen.

Two Types VIP

Extra large player for the extra large tuna. This tune just resonates with me. Prime example of what would be deemed as a possible simple production compared to a “busy tune” can do… and that’s a god damn lot. These guys are the kings of percussion. Enjoying the original this VIP puts on a murky twist. Those real sounding drum kits will give you complete control over your dance floor. No wheel ups, no rewinds. This ones a roller.

Filthy Criminals VIP

VIP for “Filthy Criminals” is no different. Rolling from the start, little more of an upbeat take on production. It took a while but the dons of frequencies did it again. Don’t know what it is due to my inability to properly education myself on production terminology. But even knowning that, there is one thing that is fact and that is this tune hits harder than hardman Phil Mitchell. Due on Hi-Def soon. Be sure to catch their Barely Breathing and Tracker VIP’s forthcoming Subway Soundz the sister digital and the Low Down Deep dynasty.

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