Ekwols – Drowning [Evolution Chamber]

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Ekwols – Drowning [Evolution Chamber]

How’s it going drum and bass crew!? I have for you today an interview with the one like Ekwols! His latest release Drowning gets an a little breakdown and we get some insight behind the man himself. Steady releases are coming out the studio from this talented artist. And hopes to see an LP have us waiting in suspense. The Scottish drum & bass artist emerges with an urgent sound. A meaningful message and a deep, deep passion for evocative electronic music. With every release he conveys a message or feeling that’s experienced through both the music and the artwork, which he plays a lead role in. Lets get into more insight about the artist and Ekwols – Drowning [Evolution Chamber].

Q and A with Ekwols

Q: Ekwols is an interesting name how did you get it?

A:  Yo! Ah well… haha it’s basically a misspelt “equals”! Social inequalities and systems that enforces them pisses me off. I believe strongly in equality and that every one of us has inherent value. Even if society isn’t setup to truly support that view. So equals is an important word for me. It’s the world I wish to build and be part of. To me, music is the fundamental way to do that. And it allows you to connect to everyone and anyone on a human level regardless of race, creed, gender or any other perceived difference. Sharing music we’re all equal. Even if the world can be corrupt and dystopian. It celebrates the bare humanity in all of us. To me this is the most important thing, I make music to connect with people.

Q: How long have you been on your production journey?

A: I have actually been producing since about 2006 when I started messing around in Reason. I have had many projects over the years. Including “Capitol 1212” which is still running now. And “From The Cradle To The Rave” which was mashing punk and dnb into an angry call to arms! Then I really started taking drum and bass production and sound design seriously in about 2013 after hearing Rusty K’s RIOT on Lifted music. I’m only now starting to be able to make the sounds in my head a reality and still learning everyday.

Q: Drowning has this distinct otherworldly intro to it and overall, a unique sound by today’s standards. What kind of expressions or feeling were you going for?

A: For me Drowning is set in a place of personal darkness, depression, anxiety, and pain. Though it ultimately resolves in gratitude. If we are lucky we have someone that looks out for us and has our back no matter what. When we are suffering they come into the dark murky depths to help bring us back to the surface. Drowning is about that person, whoever they may be in your life. So I was writing this one with a kind of dark underwater mental prison in mind for the intro. Then when it gets to the build help has arrived and the drop is pure gratitude for being pulled from the brink.

Q: I feel like single track releases get more time put in on them, would you say that’s true with drowning?

A: Yeah I think that’s a good point and completely agree. From the production to the artwork and the promotion. I think if you’re writing a track and telling a story or sending a message with it, not only does it take a long time to inject that into the track. It takes even more time to make sure the art aligns and everything ‘feels’ right with the message. And for a track that tells a clear story, it often feels odd to dilute it with other tracks featuring alongside it so a single release format makes sense. For Drowning, I started that in March ’22 so it’s a long time from basic idea and sketch, to writing and recording vocals then capturing the message. Finalizing the track and drawing the artwork out.

Q:  I would love to hear a whole album with this kind of feel to it. When if any would you be releasing an album?

A: Oh, I would love to do a full LP and that is definitely on my todo list. I have some basic concepts written up on this already. But, I am still young in the game (even if I’m not in age) so I think this is still a while off for me while I find my feet. When I get to starting an LP, I want it to be able to actualize the ideas I have in mind and at the moment I wouldn’t be able to capture them correctly. One day hopefully!


Ekwols – Drowning [Evolution Chamber] is out now and is available for purchase and streaming! Click here to find it on streaming platforms and online stores!

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