Ekwols – Hyena [Evolution Chamber]

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Ekwols – Hyena [Evolution Chamber]

Welcome once again to the latest drum and bass. We share with you Ekwols – Hyena [Evolution Chamber]. Join in with a word from the master mind behind this musical mayhem as he gives us details about his recent work. He emerges from the vibrant tapestry of Edinburgh, Scotland. The rising Drum & Bass star Ekwols continues solidifying his position as a luminary within the genre. With his exceptional talent for blending vocals, melodies, and rhythms. Ekwols captures the hearts of a dedicated fanbase, earning acclaim for his dynamic resonance and captivating compositions. Lets get into some Q & A below!


Q: Ekwols is making a huge rise since more than a year ago. How does it feel to be one of the fastest rising artists in the genre?

A: Hey! Yeah, it’s been a crazy year or so with 3 solo releases and 3 remixes in a short space of time whereas in the years before that I would only release an Ep every 3 years. So it feels great to be locked into a creative flow where I can get ideas and releases out and it’s amazing to share those with people. A massive shout out has to go to the Evolution Chamber team for all the work they’ve put into supporting and pushing me this past year and for bringing me so many amazing opportunities… Things are extremely busy right now with a lot of exciting forthcoming projects and I am loving it!

Q: I really like the art and I know you do them yourself. Is there a connection from one album art to the next?

A: Ah Thanks! Yeah I do the initial design sketch and then pass them to the legend Stan @algorithm_artwork where he finalizes them and arranges the cover art! Massive shout out to Stan!! His work is absolutely insane, he does so much for the scene and absolutely kills it with all of the Magnetude artwork. In terms of connection though yeah, each one is meant to be a personification of the emotion or story of the release, and it’s actually the same character but with a different face or part of themselves on show. The many faces of yourself so to speak.. The Ram symbolized the devil in yourself, the Human, the honesty and vulnerability and the Hyena… well I’ll let you decide!

Q: This is one of your hardest sounding tracks yet. What was the inspiration for the high energy and heaviest of sounds?

A: For this one I wanted to write a track about strength in numbers and going against the grain.. that had to be strong, powerful and in your face. So I focused on this in the sound design stages and once I got the initial riff going I knew it had a proper punk feel to it already. I leaned into that, sketched out some lyrics and let my inner punk out to play again while recording vocals.

Q: The title is Hyena. What’s the significance of naming it that?

A: Hyena are nocturnal pack animals and there are folk tales of them digging up and eating the dead.. They are often portrayed as a symbol of “evil”. The track lyrics are about being part of your crew, enjoying living in the dark instead of the light… and most importantly doing things on your own terms in the face of societal normality. To me, the Hyena was a perfect metaphor for this lifestyle and pack mentality.. Living freely by night, eating the souls of the dead (aka prescribed society) and of course.. Hyenas laugh, cackle and have a good time no matter what they’re doing…

Q: Are there any remixes you’re working on at the moment?

A: Ahh haha! I have a particularly big one in the works at the moment but I can’t let that cat out of the bag just yet I’m afraid… but rest assured there are a lot of tracks set to come out in 2024!



Ekwols crafts a dynamic, immersive track that takes no prisoners. From the pulsating beats to the evocative vocal, ‘Hyena’ is a testament to Ekwols’ ability to push the boundaries of Drum and Bass while maintaining his deep dystopian core.


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