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You may want to get yourself familiar with Get Hype Recordings. As of late, the young label has been causing quite a stir in the wide world of drum and bass. Launched by The Prototypes this past year, Get Hype has been cranking out some of the most promising dancefloor and stadium halftime tunes since its inception. With tracks like “Rocket Guns Blazin’”, “Black Hole Skank”, and “The Game”, The Prototypes and some very promising young artists on the Get Hype roster (Hello, Des, and The Consouls) are doing some major damage to dance floors around the globe.

Today, the Get Hype founders have released another earth-shattering single, “Electric”, garnering more acclaim for the fledgling label than ever before.

The track begins with an announcement of sounding drum stabs, accentuated by a crescendoing, spacey, elastic-band synth. The lead-in brings vocals – akin to a 70’s sci-fi robot – that dissipate under a humming, helicopter-like delay, as crisp stadium drums ramp up into the body of the piece. The drop brings a return of the plucks, clean and bouncy as a rubber ball, accompanied by an almost power-ballad-like bassline, and a second, waspy-growl of a bassline. The sub line, warm and compelling, pushes the track into the next dimension.

The result is a colorful, entirely-consuming, multi-dimensional dancefloor track – a cross-dimensional sound-child of a Battle of the Bands at the 9:30 Club and Mars Attacks!

I had the privilege of speaking to The Prototype’s own, Nick White, about the release of Electric (and Remixes,)


So, the release for “Electric” includes a pair of extremely solid remixes from FarTooLoud and Softmore. What did you love about each of those tunes?

They are 2 brilliant producers & were front runners to do it when we drew up a list – Oli’s (FarTooLoud) remix is just seriously energetic & weighty, and really brings his style to the original. We’ve done a special edit of the original that goes into this and it has been smashing the clubs. Softmore is a really new producer who we have our eye on for a while. He brings the UK flavour to his music with ease, and we just had to get him on board. His remix brings some sunshine to the UK winter. They both did a great job.

What do you strive for when producing a remix?

It can be difficult as you don’t want to stray to far from the original… I guess our rule would be to make it sound like us, but with the original influence – We always try to smash it to pieces.

Looking back on 2016, what was your biggest moment of the year?

[It] has to be launching our label ‘Get Hype Records’ & signing Glitch City – both huge achievements for us and something we are incredibly proud of. We have some fantastic music coming out on it this year, and Glitch City’s next single is MASSIVE.

What do you do to keep your ideas fresh in the studio? Any advice for helping to stay creative during the winter slump?

It can be tricky to find the time due to touring, but we both take a lot of inspiration from the music we listen to – At the moment, the tunes are flowing and when we are both on the same vibe, we feel that the sky’s the limit with our music.

Listen to “Electric”:


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