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When you see an artist like Phace stepping up for remix duty you know something big is coming down the line. Emperors “Haste” was a huge staple is DJ sets around the world. Its unmistakable attention grabbing rhythm was featured high and low in all corners of the scene. I heard this beast of a remix for the first time while catching one of Kasra’s sets live here in San Francisco. I could barely contain myself as the beefed up remix tore through the dance. I HAD to figure out what this was.┬áThe DNB gods would soon answer my prayers when Critical Music announced the “Dispositions” remixes. Like a light house on my stormy dance floor sea “Haste – Phace Remix” was visible on the cover art.

The Remix open much like the original. Subtle sideways nuances in the composition make it apparent this isn’t you’re typical trip around the tune. Phace’s loony personality is all over the musical additions. when the track drops into the rolling sections the bassline has been given a ferocious upgrade. The abrasive mutation of the riffs make this remix all the more impact full to the dance and is sure to warrant a reaction.

2017 has seen a handful of great material released with Phace’s name attached. With a new EP from Emperor just announced today its safe to say we will have plenty of goodies for our playlists to come throughout the year.

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