Enei – Divided Mode


Russia’s king of dark, moody steppers is back with another phenomenal outing on Critical Music. Enei’s Divided Mode EP consists of five sizzling hot cuts, suitable for the murkiest of Drum and Bass sets.

The opening cut and title track, ‘Divided Mode’ sets the tone for the EP with it’s subdued bassline and writhing stabs. Both it and ‘Northern Noise’ are simple yet effective tracks, and ones that you’ve probably heard out in the clubs for a while now if you’ve been paying attention to artists such as Emperor and Kasra. They’re the kind of tunes which Critical has built it’s reputation on, and are perfect weapons for the discerning Drum and Bass DJ.

Things get even murkier with the tracks ‘Widowed’ and ‘Pay the Cost’. Widowed in particular is full of the heavy industrial sounds which Enei is best known for. ‘Pay the Cost’ on the other hand, is perfectly balanced with the mellifluous sound of Jake’s voice, and just begs to be double dropped.

While these four tracks are outstanding in their own right, the track that really stands out to me is ‘Limits’, which features Anastasia on vocals. This track really showcases Enei’s production chops, and is reminiscent of his earlier works with Georgia Yates. Enei’s uncanny ability to work seamlessly with traditional vocalists like Anastasia, along with MCs like DRS and Jakes, is one of the things that always gets me excited to listen to his music. There’s a reason Enei helped establish Critical Music as one of the driving forces in Drum and Bass, and this 5 track EP only further cements him as one of the premier artists in the scene.

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