Entropy – Rock N Rollerz EP w/ Skandal – Dirtbox Recordings

by | Jan 31, 2024 | Spotlight, Tunes

Yo!  It’s your oy Strex here with another article featuring a release from that mighty label Dirtbox Recordings who are nice and relentless in providing us deadly beats and melodic belters!

This one is from Entropy, an artist who loves to pile on the Jungle flavour in tunes and this release is no exception!  

First up on the release we have ‘Feeling Alright’ which starts with a nice subdued intro with a great vocal which makes it sound like it’s going to be a melodic affair but then it drops with absolute Jungle filth with a deadly bassline and heavy beat.  Wicked vibes and nice to hear some really well produced modern Jungle.  A beautiful little switch up in amongst it gives you a dirty amen too which gets the screwface going!  

Next up is a tune featuring Skandal called Shattered Glass.  It starts off with Skandal spitting some wicked, agressive bars to really build the intro leading to a ridiculously filthy beat which then peels back and lets the MC shine over a more minimalist section which somehow retains some of that filthyness.  Then it breaks back into those heavyweight Jungle riddims.  Utterly nasty tune!  

So yeah, wicked release on Dirtbox Recordings which you can pick up on Friday 2nd February 2024 by clicking the artwork below as per usual!

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