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Ok steppers and speaker freaker massive. A wave of “trap house thicc” dance floor dnb is hitting the streets. Delivered “Hot n Ready” from upcoming stateside label, Boomslang records. Via, the Zia Sun warlord ESKR. Known most for his previous slammers released on Reid Speed‘s, Play Me & Scapegoat imprints. Our homie has total dance floor devistation coming out of  the land of enchantment.

At a time where we are all just mentally stranded. Unable to rage with the massive and stuck at home with our own analyzation of mortality. In comes four ( Five tunes with the bonus FREE d/l pre release) heavily armed & rolling heaters to warm us up. The Ep stays in the fast lane of techy 2000’s dark side steppers. Reaching close to the realms of DEIBC/RAM/HUMAN/RAWKUTS/HIGHER EDUCATION sneaker destroyer stylings from earlier years.

Pair that vibe with flawless sound design, custom vocals, and unbelievably delicious melodies. Feel Good is the release this year that helps us remember there used to be dance floors, and this is the type of dnb that would light them up everytime.


ESKR kicks off with the title tune Feel Good . Chucking us right into the deep end of the pool. Dipped in and out of filtered basslines,soft synth patches, and a ominous strong female vocal lead. Telling us that “We just won’t feel good”. Literally slapping you with grungy subs, and saw blade stabs. This is the intersection where hip-hop and drum and bass emulsify perfectly. Coming right off the sand dune. Hot as fish grease, and ready to get our blood pumping and feet warmed up.

Next up is It’s Time. This is the synth heavy roller that listens like a Super Nacho eats after a night of basshead tomfoolery. All the layers are here, and the balance of them together are pretty perfect. This tune blasts off the starting line running, and never stops. You get a solid 16 bars to breath in the middle. But for the most part. Go means go, and do not think about stopping. Something in this tune brings me back to songs like Atlantis by Moving Fusion or Book of the Bad era Bad Company. Which is the golden era of dnb in my opinion.

Come On keeps the energy sustained at 110% here. But with some true grit and stank beginning to reveal itself. Definitely one of the darker vibes in here. Mostly focused on hard pounding drum lines and a constant synth growl that never lets up. Some vocal stabs ride a backbeat that cuts a halftime groove , weaving its way around the soundscape. Its short & sweet. And definitely pairs well with older Infiltrata/Jo-S/ Burner Brothers/KC tech rollers.

The last jam is Here We Go Again. This fun blown ripper screams for a full send. I sense a Scandinavian and Eastern European synth heavy influence here. Honoring all of the best parts of Black Sun Empire/Zardonic/BenSage/Corrupt Souls/Pish Posh fundamentals & songwriting. Describing how the low end pulsates a room while the panning and reverted synth lines twist through your senses. Is like explaining the nuances of a good acid trip. Here we go again is the perfect ender for an EP that was designed to come in and shake it up!


It was SICK! You Don’t Know is a certified banger. It’s also so brave giving the best track of the release out. FOR FREE. An entire week before the release. But they did, and this tune slams! The vocal is very strong, soul full , and contagious. Driving drums, in your face synth’s high on reverb, and the drops. The drops straight drip. This is that tune that we will go back to and be singing the chorus to future bartenders that wished we weren’t so damn hyped. While waiting for some shots and a double stack of white claws to keep us pushing up the tiles of the dance floor . This track will shake a pancake OFF DAT ASS!!!!

Overall. I’m stoked on this release!!

Feel Good isn’t a call back or weird off handed pun. This EP makes you feel good. It brings the party 110%. We get a perfectly crafted cocktail of modern drum and bass. Splashed with some hip hop elements and commanding female vocal lines. Served with some great artwork, on point mastering, and veteran status marketing.  I personally can’t think of an EP where I’m throwing every tune into a mixtape/stream/raid or future live show on a regular basis.

ESKR went above and beyond the call to make us dance, when we are being told to sit down. I look forward to getting more releases from him in the future. And this is the third absolute smasher released by Boomslang in less than 6 months. So big up to ESKR and super rudely big up to Boomslang for keep the heads banging constantly.


check it out here:



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