ESKR ‘Get Crazy/Disruptor’ [Boomslang Recordings]


Coming up on Boomslang Recordings ESKR is back to shatter expectations once again with his latest release including the tracks “Get Crazy” and “Disruptor” available this week on all major outlets. This double dose of bass blasting, bodacious drum and bass is cranking up the heat once more, let’s get into what ESKR dishes up on the ravenous release…

Big, booming beats and angry atmospherics kick off the carnage in “Get Crazy” winding through the build with punchy cleanliness staging the floor for the face smashing carnage about to ensue. Machine gun basslines cut and stab through the phrases with a dangerous dose of dub at the drop blasting the composition into a jumpy bounce as the rhythm maintains its integrity keeping the composition rolling along. Manic highs tie it all together as they stutter and echo wildly to amplify the mix to the maximum energy levels. “Get Crazy” is THE track to get the floor to move and groove; it’s nothing short of pure insanity from beginning to end!

“Disruptor” is equally tough boasting a hefty intro with snappy rhythms building forcefully amidst timid pads and effects rolling up to the drop providing just enough to set the vibe. A dark bassline consumes the composition buzzing through the measures with a fuzzy euphoria building a rhythm of its own bending and bellowing as it twists and contorts providing variation in a well laid out pattern to enhance the mix. The beat rocks and rides along sprinkled with wicked fills that show extreme attention to detail in “Disruptor” from ESKR in the creation of this dark yet dance floor friendly tune.

Grab your copy of “Get Crazy” and “Disruptor” this Friday October 29 from ESKR on Boomslang Recordings!



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