ESKR ‘Valles Marineris EP’ [Boomslang Recordings]

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ESKR is back to Boomslang Recordings this Friday with an overcharged EP and true to ESKR form he has some serious heat with the thickest compositions and the beefiest beats so you’re in for a real treat with the ‘Valles Marineris EP’. Let’s get right to the good stuff and preview this release that’s totally stacked front to back!



Galactic beats echo all around blasting through the build with a thick cinematic sound. Deep vibrations plump it up even more and a supersonic explosion is in store at the drop with corroded beats shattering the sound waves with a hyper driven punch. Wild basslines surge through the bubbling rhythm, piercing with every hit, with spacey effects and sonar sounds completing the mix. “Valles Marineris” fires up ESKR’s EP with out of this world energy!


Timid highs caress the build as an electrified beat surges into the mix. The drop hits quick with burly energy and a beastly kick. Moody basslines warp and bend amidst an all out cyber assalt of screaming beats detonating as they drive through “Pulsar”. The effects are timed just right to skyrocket the dance to the ultimate heights as the tune continues to flip and switch through a chunky composition stomping power through the mix.


A bouncy vocal hops into the intro creating a steady groove as the rhythm amplifies the mood to summon the crowd to the dance. A slinky drop snaps to life with a grimy, steppy flow intertwined within the soft, melodic warmth to enhance the glow and bring balance to “Light Path”. The highs twinkle through the dark groove as the vocal reappears for a quick clip, situated in just the right spot to drop it when it’s HOT!


Sinister beats sizzle as a heavy gloom falls over the tune, the darkness rumbling deep within engulfing the senses as the tension spins tight to the drop. A temperamental technical monster of a tune emerges with vicious energy seething from every source. Threatening beats steam through “Einstein Cross” with a beefy bassline that gurgles and snaps to control the room. ESKR’s “Einstein Cross” has immense energy to heat up the mix it’s perfectly dirty DNB business.

ESKR’s ‘Valles Marineris EP’ is out this Friday on Boomslang Recordings! PRE-ORDER/PRE-SAVE YOUR COPY HERE!

Mastered by The Lion’s Den
Artwork by Matthew Thatcher 


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