Estetic Galaxy – Thoughts/Bassline Skanka [Major League DnB]

by | Sep 6, 2020 | Tunes

These past few weeks I personally have been on a deep kick. Lucky for us, the mates at Major League DnB have just the thing to put some volume in your life. This tasty selection for this week comes from Esteic Galaxy. With only a few tracks under his belt, the Estonian newcomer has gotten his release up into the top charts on Beatport and on the radar of other big producers. If you haven’t heard of this rising star, then this single is the perfect introduction to Estetic Galaxy

With true A-side power, Thoughts are enveloped with heavy bass. Starting with an exceptional atmosphere and bells that ring deep in your ears, this track gets things into overdrive with a key switch to set the pedal to the metal. With a crisp break, this track pulls no punches with a heavy kick that feels like a sledgehammer and a reese that slices you up like a buzz saw. This one will be on your thoughts for a while.

The action still continues on the b-side that keeps the momentum. Starting with some with a healthy amount of reese and clappy percussion, this track starts with energy before blasting off. Slamming with an offbeat kick and a machine gun-like reesebass that sit on top amongst the drums, this song is a perfect tune to switch things up. Needless to say this track is guaranteed to get you skanking.

If you haven’t heard the prowess of this producer, this single is a perfect introduction to Estetic Galaxy. Be sure to keep an eye out for him in the future. Make sure to grab the single and follow to keep up to date!

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