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Euphonique | LP: 23 Style (5 Track Release) | Label: Born on Road

If you have not yet heard of Euphonique, the Subwoofah boss out of Manchester, UK, I suggest you start paying attention. She has been at it with Subwoofah (Label, Studio Lessons, Party Promotions) since 2009 and has released a barrage of EP’s, LP’s and singles across multiple labels. Both Euphonique and her players within Subwoofah have been nominated for multiple awards in 2018 and has been invited to play some large parties like Hospitality BBQ and Glastonbury to name just two in 2019. Now she hits us with her latest 5 track release out on Born on Road, 23 Styles, that dropped May 20th 2019.

The 1st track, and title of the release, is “23 Styles featuring Madrush MC”.  We see these two working together often as of late on the social media live streaming shows she does around the UK, so no real surprise to see Madrush MC on a track with her this time around on the Born on Road release. This bassline and the urban vocals are her signature with those broken jungle beats. This track was not my style personally, I enjoyed it, I found it to be different then what I have found myself listening to as of late. Madrush MCs deep tone works nicely within this track.

Now, the rest of this rolling basstrip release…well, wow!

“Smokeable” is deep and a nice hard beat to go along with that jungle style bassline, loads of expertly placed quick samples that go well with the name of the track then a sweet, quick but unmistakable Cypress Hill sample that ties it all together very nicely. I won’t ruin the surprise of what sample she uses, go take a listen for yourself!

“Criminal” is a wobbler of a track and drops very nice in this roller of hers.  She keeps true to her Jungle style and you hear quick samples that let you know you are still listening to Euphonique. The breakdown on this one is smooth and I feel can be a great transition track for any set. I can’t wait to mix it and see what big tings I can do with it!

Of the 5 Track release this is my favorite track, “Execute”.  The bassline is filthy, it’s deep and just vibrates. I love that slightly Jungle rolling beat theme she keeps with this release.  Her signature Patwah style vocals bring the heat on this awesome track. This one is going in a mix of mine soon and I foresee many people using it when they find it. It won’t be the last you hear of it!

With the final track “Sell Out” she closes it out with a nasty deep rolling bassline.  The drop is brilliant, it sweeps and I can see a crowds bass face in my head when they hear it drop as I listen to this bad boi. The beat is  great with a classic jungle sample throughout that everyone will recognize and appreciate. Smashing track!

Even tho the 1st track was not my favorite, the rest of the album is rolling thunder.  As I mentioned before, if you don’t know, you best get acquainted with Euphonique and Subwoofah! I feel 2019 and beyond we will continue to see BIG TINGS from Euphonique!

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