Evil Intention, Aliman, Jedi & Destroyer – 5 Years In The Game LP [Audio Overload]

by | May 22, 2018 | Tunes

Easily one of my favourite labels in Jump Up Drum And Bass Audio Overload has a healthy hand picked selection from some of its leading producers from the label and even some from recently recruited players as well. But man.. it sure has been a while since we last covered an Audio Overload release. Sometime in the beginning of this year the 100th release dropped on the sister label of Dub Stomp 2 Bass Records and we’re back again to chime in on the teams personal achievement of celebrating 5 years of releases on the label with the likes of Evil Intention, Jedi, Aliman Ali and Destroyer. The four of them equally contributed two original pieces of production, this is where Evil shines. “No Way Of Knowing” and “Your Not Coming In” compliment this release so well and are quite possibly my fan favourites from the lot. But do not let that take the attention away from the rest, Destroyer brings us back to a familiar place that Jump Up Drum And Bass sound was once not long ago with “Smokey” and even “Free It” a nice change of pace reminding everyone that Jump Up doesn’t exactly have to be themed in a sense of horror or disgust it order for it to be. Finally Aliman Ali‘s bits “Gold” and the extremely powerful little rolling bass number “Oh No” that really slaps them mid range whomps. Am I really saving Jedi‘s bits for last? Why, it was just last week when his Good Time EP dropped on Dub Stomp 2 Bass. The man is a producing machine and has a number of release spanning across a good portion of current Jump Up Drum And Bass labels and the coined front man to the Dub Stomp and Audio Overload franchises. “Preparation H” and my favourite “Big Bang Attack” help complete this long play release just in time for festival season. Be sure to check out this release in its entirety and add a little diversity to your sets.

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