Ewol – Cyrus EP

by | Aug 21, 2019 | Tunes

Drum and bass continues its spread across the globe, as Australia comes in with its own fresh take on the sound. Plasma Audio has been at the forefront, curating its own DnB vibe through events and releases alike. This time they bring us four more excellent tracks by none other than Ewol — an up and coming talent with a knack for delivering deep basslines, dark atmospheres, and crisp minimal productions. Having released on Plasma Audio, Flexout Audio, Lifestyle UK, and Dispatch Records, he has continually demonstrated his love for dark minimal and liquid DnB; and this is on full display with the Cyrus EP.

Cyrus opens the album with energetic cymbal work that quickly fuses into the beat. Once the bass kicks in, you get lulled into a hard-rolling groove from the subterranean bass tones; meanwhile, the ethereal effects and crisp attack of the drums keep it dark and heady. These elements combine into a detailed expedition of dark liquid – smooth, brooding, atmospheric, and full of heavy vibes.

Submerged keeps the dark atmosphere going strong, with a creepy intro that builds into a growling bassline replete with menacing snares. This is a hard driving track that doesn’t let up, overwhelming you with its throbbing bass, precisely timed cymbal splashes, and a subtle feeling of dread that some unspeakable horror is right behind you. Coming back from the break, Ewol subtly introduces rhythmic variations, adding a layer gives the effect of voices chattering in your head.

Enemy is the timeline takes us into altogether different territory, with an energetic beat complete with ethereal vocals and hypnotizing melodic effects. As it all collides with the beat, the track drives forward with a thick snare and a deep growling bassline. This creates the feeling of that moment when you hear the throb of bass while walking into a dark warehouse; a place where experimental bass sounds collide with the fun of dancing.

Triad leans far heavier into liquid territory than the previous tracks, starting right out of the gate with fierce layers of rhythm. Energetic and funky, it still bears Ewol’s signature sound with a wavering vocal sample and sci-fi synth stabs interjecting all over the beat. This roller uses minimalism deftly, using the repetition to entrance the listener into its groove…thus layering a feel-good vibe with those dark places of the mind.

This is a killer release; it delivers a dose of well-produced drum and bass that takes risks, and challenges the limits of the genre. Don’t hesitate on adding this release to your collection!!



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