EXCLUSIVE: A.M.C Interview in Denver with El Conquistador!


Happy Monday everyone! It’s snowing like crazy here in Colorado! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I got to do something special Friday night…I not only got to see A.M.C live in a very intimate setting in Bass City – Denver, CO but I also got to sit down with him and ask a few questions!

El Conquistador A.M.C

El Conquistador and A.M.C

A.M.C is on his US debut tour for his new album Energy that I wrote about a few weeks ago, Denver was the 3rd or 4th stop on the tour! Reload and Language crews put the show on at Club Vinyl. Vinyl is a HUGE club @ 4 stories and over 40,000sqf!! They boast 12 bars, across 5 rooms! Each room has a different genre of music every night. On Friday night it was DnB in the newly remodeled Vinyl Basement. The sound was really good down there and remodel looks great!
Reload and Language crews on top of A.M.C gave us a B2B with The Mighty Ryan Vail and Saltee…they always bring the fire and these two bad men are people you should keep an eye out for! Reload Boss Man FURY stepped up next and smashed it! The whole night we had Denver’s main DnB lyricist Relyt on the Mic just killing it! Reload is going to be celebrating 20yrs of giving the Bass City – Denver, CO Drum and Bass shows this December and Legion’s Language Crew is working on year 5! Both are two of Denver’s powerhouse DnB crews and they bring fire shows to the area!

Fury from Reload and Towelie!


Fury from Reload

Saltee, Ryan Vail Relyt

Ryan Vail and Saltee

After everyone was done dropping bombs in Vinyl Basement I got to hit the street with A.M.C for this informal interview. Right when we started this dude in a HUGE lifted GMC truck (yes, over compensating for something!) starts doing burnouts right on Broadway (main road in downtown Denver)! Then a few others felt they had to join in. Alex (A.M.C) runs over to take a few pictures and then I hear the man yell out “AMERICA!! YYYEEEAAAAHHHHHHH” LMAO!

Then he proceeds to tell us they don’t really have big trucks like that in the UK and that was a site to witness.

Alex, A.M.C, is one of the nicest most humble people you will meet. This guy has that something special that attracts people to him. He has this eminence energy as well that just oozes out of him!! The man was funny, intelligent, articulate and just fun to hangout with! He also has killer dance moves behind the decks! A.M.C was giving us a shimmy back there, pretty sure I saw him do the running man at one point as well!!

I got the whole interview recorded and you can listen to it below in the embedded player or my SoundCloud page. Some of his reactions to my questions were priceless!

Cheers to A.M.C, Reload & Fury, Legion & Language and Club Vinyl for the kick ass night!

Fire pit on rooftop @ Vinyl

Big Tings,

El Conquistador


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