Exile – Mental EP [Technique Recordings]


Technique Recordings have come with a big assortment of new releases for 2019 and celebrating 20 years we already know they’re not stopping anytime soon. The latest from this powerhouse label is the ‘Mental EP’ hot off the presses from Exile and is fully packed with insanely fresh, modern sounds of drum and bass.

“Let’s Go Mental” featuring Miss Melody is a stellar pick to kick off this EP coming in hard, dark, heavy and dirty. The energetic chant “let’s go mental” suggests it’s about to get real and hypes  the crowd as the tune continues to climb to a menacing drop that kicks you in the face as it swings and womps over a slick half time beat. Sure to get the dance floor swaying and skanking Exile blends hostile neuro tones over a thick, groaning bassline creating an ideal match for flawless depth in the mix.

“Play Bass” is a versatile track for the library that slides in lightly with the focal point on the impulsive bassline as the foundation of this tune. Rooted to the darkness from the drop Exile locks us in a trance and steadies the omnious atmosphere.

“Woo Sound” eases in with a mellow, funky vibe but don’t be fooled as this dark and groovy composition rolls out dropping a thick, snazzy bassline under the smooth jazzy beat. This tune is stacked with clean kicks and wicked atmospheric vibes. “Woo Sound” will hypnotize the dance floor into a steady bounce and is sure to keep it rocking to the rhythm.

“Nothing’s Changed” is a polished new aged ballad featuring sophisticated vocals from Kat Howell that are paired perfectly with Exile’s sinister style. The emotion in this track ebbs and flows from the start dancing in delicately with a soft, smooth verse concealing ominous undertones until the drop pummels us into fierce darkness. Big broken beats strike between long, solemn basslines swiftly chopping into deep wobbles, volleying to and fro, as the vocals echo to the break leaving the intensity high; a must have track that will leave an impression in any set.

This four track pack of tunes is deep and diverse from monster bass and crisp beats to classic vocals and funky sounds leaving us with great curiosity of what’s to come from Exile in the future. Grab your copy of Exile’s ‘Mental EP’ here: https://www.beatport.com/release/mental-ep/2537590


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