Exocet – Demonseed – Dirty Mac -June-1997

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Tunes

This tune I decided to review for my inaugural post because it was one of the tunes that cemented my love for dnb. I first heard it in 1996 off DJ Db’s Shades of Technology CD. I was instantly hooked by the tracks silky sound and and smooth atmosphere the title itself was misleading it sounds like its going to be a very dark 7 mins, instead what I was treated to instead was a timeless classic that has haunted my career for nearly 2 decades. I still Rinse this bad boy every now and again or just put it on for those rainy afternoons.
The track itself is a smooth liquid roller that moves along at a gentle pace with its rolling bassline that brings up just a touch of nostalgia or a feeling of sadness that time is fleeting and these are some of the best years of your life. notably the hardcore 94 crowd can vibe with this song and the tunes overall color. being how it is nestled safely within their time frame of when everything was still cool. That being said Exocets efforts put forth in this tune, results in a timeless classic that I always have in rotation when breaking in some of the non dnb heads to the sound….it worked for me.. I hope it does for you. peace.

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