Fanatic – Still Alive [Bassterse Music]


Good morning Best Drum and Bass readers!! Sorry for dropping off the last few weeks, life…she is fickle!
So I found someone new that I think we might want to keep an eye out on, Fanatic. I couldn’t find too much on him but here is what I could find; The Slovakian now resides in The Netherlands to give his solo a try, he used to be part of the duo Dualscript. He has 2 releases out both in 2019 and both on Bassterse Music.  The track i’m gonna cover today is called Still Alive. Let’s go in.

It starts off very eerie then builds quickly and drops!  The beat, I really liked the drums on this one, they are high energy and the break down of the drums is great.  It has this layer added to it that I cannot really place if its more Jump Up-ish or Neuro-ish (when you listen tot he track you will know what i’m referring too).  Is it a blend of the two?!  I can’t really call it to be honest and that was one of the things that grabbed me about this track. Its dark but yet high energy, its a roller but yet a banger.  I feel this also has remix written all over it due to the drums and how this track can go in any direction as well…so for DJs a great bridge track.  I tossed this into DnB, Neuro, Jump Up, etc. with ease and sounded good on all.

Over all I liked the track.  I am going to use it in one of sets here shortly.  I also like that it is from a new comer. As I was looking Fanatic up I read that he doesn’t want to limit himself as a producer.  I wonder if we will hear House, Dubstep, Techno…whatever from this guy or if that means just different styles of DnB? I guess we shall see!  I do want to say I hope we hear more DnB tracks from Fanatic!



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