Fanatics ‘From My Nightmare EP’ [OYO]


Ultra funky, hard and jumpy is a quick way to sum up Fanatics’ ‘From My Nightmare EP’ coming this Friday on OYO. If you’re not clued in to the Fanatics sound this release is sure to change your tune. Four tracks each unique in their own way melding influences from drum and bass into some massive hybrid tunes the ‘From My Nightmare EP’ delivers colossal sounds set to make the floor move. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.

Title track “From My Nightmare” climbs suspensefully upon a mysterious intro as feminized automatronic vocals narrate the scene building with intensity as a sinister beat beacons beneath. “From My Nightmare” tumbles into a poppy, snappy rhythm volleying to and fro as the beats pound methodically through the measures and a deep four by four bassline bellows below vibrating furiously to entrance the dance. “From My Nightmare” has the elements you need to make the mix pop combining devious darkness with mind bending sounds.

“Black Magic” glides in on monstrous sounds beneath the hats building to a beat that wallops through the intro pounding maliciously. A wicked sample cuts to drive into the drop, a steppy number that jumps through the measures with static infused broken beats, slick samples and gritty basslines. Dubby and violent “Black Magic” will be sure to rock the floor with its dark style jump up vibe.

Synthesized vibes set the mood in “Netherworld” swirling and whirling as the beat blasts in twisting to the drop. The high ends run wild utilizing harmonics in spine tingling fashion as massively thick basslines bounce and growl creating an impressive contrast in the composition with primly placed effected riddled in the mix. Dark and violent “Netherworld” is a brutal massacre of sound to make the floor shake and the bins pound.

“Zealot” wraps up the ‘From My Nightmare EP’ with a BANG! Tender melodies play upon a soft build as a spellbinding stanza from an unknown vocalist sways over the bewitching vibe. The tune rides along as the harmonies fuse with the beat attacking from all sides. An all out assault at the drop engulfs the composition with machine gun beats that blast furiously, broken and severed creating exuberant breaks and endless opportunities to chop and mix with malicious basslines that feed the vibe. A strong jump up influence with a lot of neuro elements make “Zealot” a jaw dropper of a track that is not to be missed full of power and direct force to command the floor this is a true DJ weapon of mass destruction.

You can get your copy of the ‘From My Nightmare EP’ from Fanatics on OYO this Friday May 7 pre-order now on Beatport!




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