Fat Cap – New Era (FREE DOWNLOAD)

by | Feb 18, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

This time I’m reviewing a free download from Fat Cap the DJ and producer from Portugal with releases on labels like the legendary Flex and BNC Express

The tune starts with some lovely wide stranger things style pads and some nice atmospheric impacts with a magical sounding vocal and lots of airy sounds. The hints of a reese bass start to appear with some glitchy vocals before the drop. It’s got a pretty old skool sounding core in terms of the drums and bass, it is very much early Noisia esque or in the ball park of some kind of Dutch or Eastern European tech. The pad work and synths however really add a more modern and soundscape style feel to the whole tune and add a great level of musicality to the piece which is especially pleasing to the ear. The synths sound lush, they are big and well placed alongside hints of the vocal stylings.

Fat Cap proves his feel for the emotive elements as we delve in nice and hard into the 2nd drop. The pads build gradually over the next set of 16s until a great crescendo, with the rawer sounding core elements more to the forefront in the opening 32. There is a nice length to the tune tune and lots of nice musings and musical ideas with regards the pad and synth work and this really sets a great balance between the dark and heavy elements alongside the beautiful and lush sounds that surround.

Overall a great tune with decent production and lots of emotive musical elements.

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Fat Cap on:
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Facebook: www.facebook.com/fatcap.prod

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