FauxRealz & Momentum – Soothin/Won’t Stay [Abducted LTD]

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Hello and welcome again to more drum and bass! I am honored to share the debut release by FauxRealz along side Momentum on Abducted LTD. Fauxrealz & Momentum – Soothin/Won’t Stay [Abducted LTD] placed high in the Beatport charts within the first week of its release! And we can’t wait for more. Soothin sets the stage for classic heavy drum and bass vibes brought up to date with todays harder sound. Big bass thumps on this one. Soothin showcases hefty phrasing and destructive drum breaks. The momentum continues with Won’t Stay. With ravaging mid-range bass wreaking havoc on the air waves packed with precise drum patterns. With just over a week from release we know this release will continue to rock heads well into the following months. I had the chance to get some details about these two artist. So now lets hear a bit about them below.

Q & A with FauxRealz & Momentum

Q: How did you both get your names?

FauxRealz: A few decades ago I went by a different name, dTa. Nothing big, just a local Phoenix club banger at the time. I took a long 15 year break to raise my kids. When I decided to come back, I just simply adopted my gamer tag as my DJ/Producer name.

Momentum: I released some early material under a prior alias called MOZRT originally. It was supposed to be dnb focused but having been exposed to the heavier sound design in the ever growing dubstep scene at the time it got sidetracked and ended up primarily being a dubstep. I thought starting fresh would be the best way to go. So I disconnected myself entirely from that scene. To do what I actually set out to do. It’s been a lot of extra work but it has been worth it. MOMENTUM by definition in physics is: The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity. I aim to achieve that with heavy drums and bass and with my dj sets.

Q: When did you guys decide to collaborate?

FauxRealz / Momentum: A good friend of both of ours PacD introduced us to each other. We quickly realized that our tastes in drum and bass were pretty much on the same page. And we knew right away that we wanted to create music together.

Q: What was the expression you were going for?

FauxRealz: Personally I wanted to stay in the same vein as MOMENTUM’s previous work. I’m a fan of his sound but wanted to sprinkle a little bit of dance floor vibes into the mix.

Momentum: As much as we like the heavier Neuro sound we still take to emotion evoking tunes. I personally have always tried to incorporate musicality into my intros with hopes of achieving that. Also at the same time have all that emotion fall apart into a bitch slap of a drop. When I first heard the melody he sent back to me for Won’t Stay I knew it was going to do exactly that. I had been hearing FauxRealzs’ track selection in his mixes and immediately knew our sounds would compliment each other.

Q: Give us a little information about the production process. How did you approach it?

FauxRealz: The process was a mixed bag of collab, learning, and a lot of trial and error, mostly on my part. I know my way around drum and bass, the structure of music and music theory because of DJing. Though I barely knew how to properly use a DAW. David knew this and took the challenge of guiding me down the right path. He showed me the inside of Cubase and how to tinker with the plugins. Creating that perfect sound. I owe him a lot and he’ll always have my gratitude for that. On top of that, I’m also a member of the Stonx Music Discord group. It’s full of great and amazingly talented people and are willing to share their techniques. They also give useful and meaningful feedback. I have a long way to go before I’m solo ready but having David and Stonx crew in my corner is a true blessing.

Momentum: We really didn’t have a specific direction. It started with sending him a synthetic break loop that was all done in Serum. Then my dude returned the session with an intro and melody for Won’t Stay that I was pretty blown away by. Soothin was a scrapped loop concept of mine that we later realized had a sample AL/SO had used as well. So it was the perfect concept for us to build off of and create something new. Another part of it was not a lot of people I collaborated with before use Cubase. This was the first time I was able to actually pass a session back and forth with someone so the whole process was refreshing for me.

Q: When can we expect more?

FauxRealz: We already got more in the works. Some of which include some other talented artists as well! Stay tuned!

Momentum: We have two absolute face melting tracks forthcoming with our buddy KORAX out of Texas. The feedback we have received on those WIP’s has been amazing. Like my bros said…watch this space!


This banger of a collaboration was release just over a week ago and you can find it here to stream and purchase.


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