Felix Raymon – Optics [Delta9 Recordings]


One of the best things in life come from just searching around for new tunes and finding a release that just blows your socks off. For this week’s gem, we have Delta9 Recordings to thank. Always the providers of premium underground drum and bass from the up and coming artists from around the world, the Italy based label is foremost one of the best avenues to discover new artists and help build up the drum and bass community. This week they give us yet another man who is destined for great things: Felix Raymon. The German-based producer has crafted an amazing single that will stun your Optics.

Optics stands as everything you need to know about Felix Raymon: pristine production and songwriting. With a reverb-soaked intro that sets the stage perfectly, it switches to a classic Moog synth line that gives you that old school sound. Then with the flash of lightning the track changes to an almost amalgamation of the deep underground with crossbreed. With a kick pattern that edges close to 4 on the floor, solid percussion and a warm bassline this track mixes both intensity and smooth fluid sound together in an excellent manner, with every sound clear as day to appreciate. This track is just pure perfection.

But never to slack on the b-side, Felix teams up with Ophobot to make a track that is anything but Hollow. Short and sweet to the point, the intro swirls from space reverb to a perfect build to what is just check top-notch underground sounds. Again that perfect synergy of intensity and smooth sounds is present though out the track. With a tremolo filled synth that syncs perfectly with the bass creating a machine gun sound. Combined with the rapid-fire drums, this track keeps this track fast but soft.

Felix Raymon shows remarkable production within both tracks. Every sound rings out with clarity and in perfect level with everything, letting you appreciate different parts of the track equally. Felix is one guy you should be watching for new releases, and this one is the perfect one to start with. Buy today!




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Haji is simply put a tried and true Drum and Bass enthusiast. After being introduced to Drum and Bass in 2012, Haji became entranced by the music so much so he dedicated himself to learning all he can about the music and as a result how to spin it. Now he regularly puts out mixes and spins at shows not for money or fame, but just out of pure love of the art form. SOUNDCLOUD INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK